Halloween Cat Stories – He Loves to Steal Candy

Halloween Cat Stories

Welcome to the Halloween Cat Stories page. Halloween Cat is a black cat that was born on Halloween night. He lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. He loves candy. Despite that fact that he is cute, he does get into trouble by stealing candy from children. When Halloween Cat steals candy from children, he always gets caught so it doesn’t pay for him to steal. However, he is such a brat that he does always end up getting a few pieces of candy for himself.

Perhaps Halloween Cat needs a hobby to keep himself out of trouble. It is sometimes hard living on the prairies.

If you love stories about black cats on Halloween night and lots and lots of candy, you will love stories about Halloween Cat. Storyland has lots of stories about Halloween Cat that you can read, like and share.

List of Halloween Cat Stories

  1. Meet Halloween Cat - October 11, 2018
  2. Halloween Trouble with Halloween Cat - October 15, 2018
  3. Stealing Halloween Candy - October 27, 2018

List of New Halloween Cat Stories

  1. Stealing Halloween Candy - October 27, 2018

Halloween Cat Storyland Trading Card

Halloween Cat Storyland Trading Card

To learn more about Halloween Cat, collect Storyland Trading Cards and you might just get a Halloween Cat card. Halloween Cat loves get into trouble. He is a Halloween character on Storyland. He is part of the Halloween Series – Storyland Trading Cards.

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