Stealing Halloween Candy

It was Halloween night. Halloween Cat sat on a fence post. He watched as children trick-or-treated. He wasn’t the least bit interested in seeing all the different costumes the children were wearing. He was only interested in their bags of candy.

Halloween Cat loved Halloween candy. He especially loved the soft caramel chewy ones. To him, they were the best treat ever.

A little boy laid his bag of Halloween candy on the ground, while he adjusted his costume. Quick as he could go, Halloween Cat jumped off the fence, ran up the street to where the bag of candy was and he took it and ran back to the fence post.

Halloween Cat rummaged through the bag of candy. He found so many caramel candies. He started eating them. They were so good.

“You bad cat!” shouted a young boy, the same boy that the bag of candy belonged to. “How dare you take my candy?”

The boy snatched the bag of candy from Halloween Cat. Halloween Cat gave him the cutest look ever.

“Okay,” said the boy. “I can’t stay mad at you forever. You are just too cute.”

The boy reached into the bag of candy. He took a handful and gave it to Halloween Cat. Halloween Cat noticed several soft caramel candies in the handful of candies the boy gave him. He was very happy.

Halloween Cat sat on the fence post and ate his candy, this time actually watching the children and seeing what Halloween costumes they were wearing.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice steal candy from a child.
  • Example: Halloween Cat stole candy from a little boy on Halloween night. The little boy found him and took his candy back.

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