Stealing Halloween Candy

“It is Halloween night,” said Halloween Cat, sitting on a fence post, watching children trick-or-treat. “I love Halloween.”

Halloween Cat loves Halloween because he loves candy. However, he doesn’t like trick-or-treating. Instead, he sits on a fence post and watches children walk by. When he sees an easy target, he will sneak up on them and steal their candy.

Halloween Cat always gets caught for stealing candy but he does always end up with a couple of pieces of candy for himself.

“I see a cat trick-or-treating,” said Halloween Cat. ‘ ‘He looks like an easy target. Wait a minute, I know that cat. That is Arrow. He will give me some candy.”

Arrow is a black and white cat with an arrow marking on his forehead and his back.

“I love your costume,” said Halloween Cat, as he snuck up and stood beside Arrow.

“This isn’t my costume,” said Arrow, waving his front paw over his blue hoodie, sweatpants and green runners. These are my clothes. Everyone thinks my clothes are my costume though. I don’t think I know you. Are you new to Storyland?”

“My name is Halloween Cat,” said Halloween Cat, introducing himself. I am new to Storyland. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Arrow. “Now, if you will excuse me, I want to finish trick-or-treating.”

“Speaking of trick-or-treating,” said Halloween Cat. “Could I have some of your candy?”

“Not a chance,” said Arrow. “I already have to share with my sister,Cutie.”

“Just one piece,” begged Halloween Cat.

Arrow ignored Halloween Cat and started to walk away. Halloween Cat snuck up on Arrow from behind and when Arrow

wasn’t paying attention, he reached into Arrow’s trick-or-treat bag and grabbed a handful.

“Hey,” said Arrow, turning around just as Halloween Cat took a handful of his candy. “Put the candy back. It isn’t nice to steal.”

Halloween Cat put all the candy back but he did keep two pieces for himself.

“By the way,” said Arrow. “I hope you like mint and lemon because that is what you kept.”

“Oh!” cried Halloween Cat. “That isn’t fair.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not nice to steal.
  • Example: Halloween Cat stole candy from Arrow’s trick-or-treat bag. Arrow caught him doing it.

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