Halloween Walk on a Full Moon

It was Halloween night in Banff, Alberta. It was also a full moon. Creepy Creature was very happy. He loved Halloween but he loved full moons just as much.

Creepy Creature stands about three feet tall and he is very creepy looking. He is bright green in colour. His skin is the texture of aluminum foil and he has a tail like a rat.

Creepy Creature lives in a cave deep in a forest in the mountains of Banff, Alberta. Every full moon, he walks into Banff.

Because he is a creature, Creepy Creature does have a few bad habits. One of the bad habits he has is that he likes to wrap himself around people’s legs and he wouldn’t let go until he gets what he wants. He usually just wants candy. The other bad habit is that he likes to scream.

All the way into Banff, he would scream. People in Banff knew enough to stay out of Creepy Creature’s way. They knew¬†he was an annoying pest.

Creepy Creature walked along the forested road, screaming as he went. As he got closer to the end of the road, he saw a girl walking up ahead. Creepy Creature had never seen this girl before so he knew she was new. He ran up to her and screamed as loud as he could. The girl stopped dead in her tracks out of fear. Creepy Creature wrapped himself around her legs.

“Get off me!” yelled the girl, swatting at him.

Creepy Creature wouldn’t budge.

“You are an annoying pest,” said the girl. “What do you want?”

“It is Halloween,” said Creepy Creature. “I want candy.”

“I just have a piece of gum in my pocket,” said the girl.

Creepy Creature screamed louder and hung onto the girl’s leg even tighter.

The girl took the gum out of her pocket and gave it to Creepy Creature. While he was busy taking the wrapper off the gum the girl was able to shake him off her leg.

“More candy,” demanded Creepy Creature.

“That is all I have,” said the girl.” I am on my way to go trick-or-treating.”

Creepy Creature ran as fast as he could go into Banff. He had almost forgotten it was Halloween and that he could trick-or-treat for candy.

“Aren’t you at least going to say thank you?” yelled the girl.

Creepy Creature waved back to her. He was too busy trick-or-treating to worry about being nice.

“He is a strange one,” said the girl.

Creepy Creature got lots of candy and he met up with the girl on his way back home. He rifled through his bag of candy and found a piece of gum. He offered it to the girl.

“No thank you,” said the girl. “I have my own candy.”

Creepy Creature tried to wrap himself around the girl’s legs once more but this time she stopped him.

“If you continue to be annoying,” said the girl sternly. “I will take your candy and eat all of it.”

That stopped Creepy Creature from being annoying, at least for the rest of that Halloween night.


Moral of this Story:

  • Be careful of annoying pests.
  • Example: Creepy Creature is an annoying pest and doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants.

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