Halloween Walk on a Full Moon

It was Halloween night in Banff, Alberta. It was also a full moon. Creepy Creature was very happy. He loved Halloween but he loved full moons just as much. Creepy Creature stands about three feet tall and he is very creepy looking. He is bright green in colour. His skin is the texture of aluminum […] Read More

Runner Rabbit and the Spring Morning Rain

“Oh no it is raining,” said Runner Rabbit. “It is a beautiful spring morning, or at least it was.” “It is spring,” said Runner Rabbit’s best friend, Rita Rabbit. “It does tend to rain in spring.” “It just seems that when I want to do something it rains,” said Runner. “What did you want to […] Read More

Hillbilly Bob Takes Mother for a Walk on Mother’s Day

“Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day?” asked Hillbilly Bob to his mother, who was sitting on the porch outside. “No,” said Mother. “I don’t.” “Good,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I have something very special planned for you.” “Oh!” exclaimed Mother. “What is it?” “It is a surprise,” said Hillbilly Bob. “Just make sure your […] Read More

Slow-Poke’s Icy Walk

Slow-Poke’s Icy Walk … “I want to go for a walk,” said Slow-Poke. “I don’t know if that is such a good idea,” said Mother. “It is very icy outside.” “This has been a bad winter,” said Slow-Poke. “I have been stuck in the house for days. I promise I will be very careful.” “Okay,” […] Read More

City Kid and an Autumn Walk

“I am not going to do any of the things that I have planned today,” said City Kid to himself as he took his morning cup of coffee outside and was enjoying the fresh autumn air. “I am going to go for an autumn walk instead.” City Kid lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He loved […] Read More

Fawn’s Long Cold Walk

Fawn decided that he wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. He was sick of being cooped up in his barn. It had been raining and snowing for the past couple of days. “Where are you going?” asked Spot, seeing Fawn all bundled up at the front door. “I’m going for a walk,” […] Read More

Being Nice

“Fawn,” said Spot. “We should do something today. It is warm outside and pretty soon it is going to snow and we won’t be able to spend anytime outside.” “I don’t want to do anything today,” said Fawn. “Are you feeling alright?” asked Spot, a little shocked that Fawn didn’t want to do anything. “I’m […] Read More