City Kid and an Autumn Walk

“I am not going to do any of the things that I have planned today,” said City Kid to himself as he took his morning cup of coffee outside and was enjoying the fresh autumn air. “I am going to go for an autumn walk instead.”

City Kid lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He loved the busy city life. He enjoyed the people he had met and he enjoyed the numerous city parks.

City Kid walked to the park that was closest to his home. This particular park was lined with big tall maple trees. The maple trees were spectacular colours of bright orange, red and yellow.

City Kid stood in the park and took in the beauty of the park. He felt so alive and invigorated.

As City Kid walked through the park, he noticed the wind was starting to pick up. He did up the zipper on his jacket and he kept walking.

City Kid saw several squirrels and chipmunks scurrying around, gathering nuts for the long, cold winter ahead.

The wind blew stronger and City Kid noticed the leaves were falling from the trees leaving bare and desolate branches.

“I don’t like this,” said City Kid to himself. “This is so depressing. Winter will soon be here.”

City Kid cut his autumn walk short. He went home and decided he would do his chores instead so he could get his mind off the upcoming winter.


Moral of this Story:

  • Enjoy autumn while it lasts.
  • Example: City Kid was worried about autumn turning into winter instead of enjoying autumn.

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