Apple Blossom

“Mommy dear,” said Apple Blossom. “Can I go outside to play?”

“How about us going shopping instead?” said Mommy. “I need a new dress for Daddy’s dinner party tomorrow night.”

“Okay,” said Apple Blossom. “I love shopping.”

“Now dear,” said Mother. “Get that grin off your face. I said we were going to go shopping for me, not you. You got new shoes yesterday.”

“Well,” said Apple Blossom, pouting. “I need a new dress to go with my new shoes!”

“Oh!” exclaimed Mother angrily. “You are such a spoiled little girl. I thought the whole reason that you bought those blasted red shoes was to go with the new dress we bought you last week. You know, the pretty pink with the pretty white frills.”

“Please,” said Apple Blossom. “If you buy me a new dress I will do my chores every single night after school.”

“Apple Blossom!” scolded Mother. “You were given those chores to do because you misbehaved at Daddy’s last dinner party!”

“Oh yeah!” exclaimed Apple Blossom, with the sweetest look on her face. “I forgot.”

“Look,” said Mother, trying not to crack a smile. “I hate it when you look at me like that because you are so sweet that I can’t say no to you.”

Mother reached over and pinched Apple Blossom on the cheek.

“Goodie!” exclaimed Apple Blossom.

Apple Blossom knew that she had gotten her own way.

Mother and Apple Blossom went to a little boutique that Mother frequently shopped in.

“Now you behave,” Mother scolded Apple Blossom before they went inside the store. “You know Mrs. Rutherford, the shop owner, doesn’t like children in her shop.”

“Especially spoiled rich children,” said Apple Blossom under her breath.

“I heard that,” said Mother, opening the shop door.

“Oh hello,” said Mrs. Rutherford, to Mother. “I see you brought your little girl with you today.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “We are both shopping for new dresses

“Oh dear,” said Mrs. Rutherford.

“Don’t worry,” said Mother, taking Apple Blossom’s hand in hers and holding onto it tightly. “Apple Blossom has promised that she would behave.”

“Mother!” exclaimed Apple Blossom, somehow wriggling her hand free. “Look at that beautiful dress!”

Apple Blossom went straight over to where the dress was hanging, almost knocking over a mannequin on her way.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Mrs. Rutherford, gasping.

“Apple Blossom!” exclaimed Mother. “Be careful!”

“Oh Mother!” exclaimed Apple Blossom, fingering the frilly collar of the dress. “This dress is beautiful!”

“Please don’t touch that dress!” exclaimed Mrs. Rutherford. “Oh dear! That dress is so expensive!”

Mother ignored Mrs. Rutherford.

“This dress is simply exquisite!” exclaimed Mother. “You would look just like a little angel in it!”

“You think so,” said Apple Blossom.

“Absolutely,” said Mother, reaching to take the dress off the hanger.

“But,” said Apple Blossom. “It won’t match my shoes.”

“Oh well,” said Mother. “I will just have to buy you another pair of shoes.”

“Oh Mother!” exclaimed Apple Blossom, jumping up and down. “Will you, please?”

“Now dear!” exclaimed Mrs. Rutherford. “There is no need to jump up and down. You might bump into something and knock it over

“No, I won’t,” said Apple Blossom.

“Apple Blossom,” said Mother. “Don’t be rude to Mrs. Rutherford.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Rutherford,” said Apple Blossom.

“Dear,” said Mrs. Rutherford. “Why don’t you try the dress on?”

“Good idea,” said Mother. “You go with Mrs. Rutherford and try the dress on and I will go find you a pair of shoes to go with it.”

“Okay,” said Apple Blossom.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mother, when Apple Blossom came out of the change room a few minutes later. “That dress is perfect for you!”

“My!” exclaimed Mrs. Rutherford, taking a good look at Apple Blossom. “I have to agree. That dress is perfect.”

“Are we going to get it?” asked Apple Blossom.

“Yes,” said Mother. “Let’s buy it.”

Mother ended up finding the exact same dress for herself. She looked exquisite.

“Now we have matching dresses,” said Apple Blossom, once they were home.

“Yes,” said Mother. “Now we are twins.”

Apple Blossom’s Father came home from work early. He had two boxes under his arm.

“I bought my favourite girls a present,” said Father.

“Oh Daddy!” exclaimed Apple Blossom. “Mother and I already have these dresses!”

Father had bought the exact same dresses.

“Well,” said Mother, laughing. “Now we can be twins all over again!”

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