Mountain Kid and a Winter Walk

Mountain Kid woke up on a warm winter day. It was sunny and he saw drops of water dripping down from the roof of his log cabin. The snow was melting in the warm sun.

“Today will be a good day to go for a walk,” said Mountain Kid.

Mountain Kid got dressed and had a quick breakfast. He was excited about getting out of the house. He had been stuck indoors for over a week because he was just getting over the flu.

The first thing Mountain Kid did was breathe in the fresh mountain air. It was so clean and so fresh. The cool mountain air felt good on his lungs.

Mountain Kid walked down his driveway and just turned to walk up the road when he saw a jack rabbit sitting on the side of the road. Mountain Kid smiled and stood silently watching. The rabbit didn’t stay long because there was an owl flying around. It landed on top of a fence post while the rabbit found a fallen tree limb and hid under it. The owl soon gave up and flew away.

Mountain Kid continued his walk. A few metres up the road he saw a deer standing in a field to his left. The deer scratched at the snow with its hooves. He found some greenery under the snow and ate it.

“This was a beautiful day,” said Mountain Kid, when he got back home. “It was also a perfect day for a winter walk.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to go for a winter walk.
  • Example: Mountain Kid enjoyed his winter walk.
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