Mountain Kid and a Beautiful Winter Day

Mountain Kid was standing in the kitchen, looking out the window. He smiled at what he saw. There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Everything looked so clean and pristine.

“What a beautiful sight,” said Mountain Kid. “I love it right after a fresh snowfall.”

Mountain Kid looked out at the edge of his property. It was dotted with tall pine trees. Each of the trees were coated with a fresh layer of snow.

Beyond the line of snow-covered pine trees, Mountain Kid saw the mountain glistening from the fresh white snow and the sunshine. It was very tall and stood out over everything. The mountain always took his breath away.

“I am definitely one lucky person,” said Mountain Kid, very grateful for what he gets to look at each and every day. I am so happy to be living in the mountains and happy I can be a part of this beautiful winter day.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to enjoy a beautiful winter day.
  • Example: Mountain Kid looked out his window and saw that it was a beautiful winter day outside.
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