Mountain Kid and the Ice Storm

Mountain Kid woke up early one winter morning. He ate a quick breakfast and then went outside to start up his truck.

“It is a bit cold today,” said Mountain Kid, while sitting in his truck, rubbing his hands together. “That wind coming down from the mountain is brutal.”

Mountain Kid lives in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada. The weather in the mountains can be very unpredictable and also very brutal.

Mountain Kid drove his truck into town. He went into the grocery store and while there, he heard two men talking about an ice storm that was supposed to be on its way.

“It is supposed to start in about an hour from now,” said the first man.

“Yes,” said the second man. “They say this is going to be a very nasty storm. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose power.”

Mountain Kid was just going to pick up a few things but he decided he better pick up enough supplies to last him for about a week. He also filled up his truck with gas and he filled up a couple of jerry cans with gas as well.

Mountain Kid drove home and it just started to freeze rain. He got the groceries into his log cabin. He had to be very careful because it was getting very slippery. Mountain Kid was very happy that he did pick up the extra supplies because there was an ice storm and he was stuck indoors for over a week.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to stock up on supplies in the winter.
  • Example: While Mountain Kid was in town he overheard a bad storm was coming so he decided to stock up on supplies.
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