Desert Kid Wishing for Rain

Desert Kid was walking through the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. It was a very hot and dry summer, so far. “The sticks and twigs crack under my feet when I walk on them,” said Desert Kid. “The grass is brown and dry.” Desert Kid walked along and it wasn’t long before he came […] Read More

Summer Sun and a Rainy Day

“Hi Matilda,” said Angela Ant, stopping by Matilda’s house. “Hi,” said Matilda, in a grumpy voice. “I am very busy and I don’t have time for chit chat.” Angela saw Matilda standing over top of a large black cauldron. She was stirring the contents of it vigorously “What are you cooking?” asked Angela. “I am […] Read More

Runner Rabbit and the Spring Morning Rain

“Oh no it is raining,” said Runner Rabbit. “It is a beautiful spring morning, or at least it was.” “It is spring,” said Runner Rabbit’s best friend, Rita Rabbit. “It does tend to rain in spring.” “It just seems that when I want to do something it rains,” said Runner. “What did you want to […] Read More

Runner Rabbit and the Spring Sun

Runner Rabbit looked outside. The sun was hiding behind the clouds. It looked like it was going to rain, yet again. “Not again!” shouted Runner Rabbit. “I am tired of the rain. I want the sun to come out. It is spring after all.” “Yes,” said Rita Rabbit, Runner Rabbit’s best friend. “It is spring […] Read More

Bluey Bluebird’s Happiest Spring

It was a warm spring day. It was a little muggy outside but that was because it had just finished raining. Bluey Bluebird flew over top of some very tall trees. She noticed a nest in one of the trees. That nest had four very small but very beautiful eggs in it. It didn’t look […] Read More

Mrs. Robin and Spring Sunshine

It was finally spring. Mrs. Robin was very happy about that. She was, however, unhappy because all it did was rain. “I wish the sun would come out,” said Mrs. Robin to herself. Mrs. Robin normally liked the rain because when it rains, it makes it easier for her to find worms to feed her […] Read More

Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain

“I am so glad that spring is finally here,” said Mrs. Robin. “Now I can go and gather some worms for my babies.” Mrs. Robin flew down from her nest that she had built at the top of a very tall balsam poplar tree. She could hear her three babies crying. They were hungry. “It […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains

“It is so nice to see that spring is finally here in the garden,” thought Mrs. Tulip to herself as she walked through the garden. “I didn’t think spring would ever come.”   It had been a very cold and harsh winter. There was a lot of snow. It seemed it would snow about a […] Read More

A Happy Easter Day

Easter Lily just finished cleaning up the garden and she had everything prepared for Easter day. She had also just made sure that everyone in the garden was happy. Easter won’t come to the garden if anyone is sad. “Are we ready for Easter?” asked Easter Lily’s best friend, Renee Chickadee. “We are,” said Easter […] Read More

Angry Leprechaun and the Test

“I am so angry!” screamed Tommy Leprechaun. “What are you so angry about?” asked Grand Old Leprechaun, knowing full well what he was so angry about. “It is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Tommy, trying to control his anger. “I don’t know where my pot of gold is! How can I be a proper leprechaun without […] Read More

Angry Leprechaun is Angry About the Rain

“It isn’t raining out,” said Tommy Leprechaun, looking out the kitchen window. “Is it?” “Yes,” said Mother. “It is.” “But it is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Tommy, angrily. “I didn’t want it to rain.” Just then, Grand Old Leprechaun came into the kitchen and sat down. “Tommy,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “Why the long face?” […] Read More