Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain

“I am so glad that spring is finally here,” said Mrs. Robin. “Now I can go and gather some worms for my babies.”

Mrs. Robin flew down from her nest that she had built at the top of a very tall balsam poplar tree. She could hear her three babies crying. They were hungry.

“It is okay babies,” Mrs. Robin called up to them in a soothing and comforting voice. “Now that spring is here, I will be able to get lots of worms for you to eat.”

Mrs. Robin looked around but she did not see a single worm in sight. She was just going to fly back up to the nest but she felt something cold and wet hit her beak.

“That scared me,” said Mrs. Robin, who immediately jumped back.

It started to rain and drop after drop hit Mrs. Robin on the head.

“Rain!” exclaimed Mrs. Robin, smiling and no longer afraid. “After it has finished raining, there will be lots of worms.”

Mrs. Robin flew back up to the nest and told her babies to be patient and that they would have plenty to eat once the rain stopped. The babies did as they were told and they were very patient. Mrs. Robin knew they were hungry and she was very proud of them.

“The rain has stopped,” said Mrs. Robin, flying down to the ground. “You will have food to eat very soon.”

Mrs. Robin was able to gather several worms and her and her babies had a huge feast. The babies were full and content and that made Mrs. Robin very happy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be patient.
  • Example: The baby robins were hungry but they waited patiently for Mother to get them food to eat.
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