Bad Teeth Bradley and the Bag of Candy

Bad Teeth Bradley was having FUN at the RAILWAY station. He was waiting for his Aunt Stella, who was coming for a visit. Bad Teeth Bradley stood on the platform and counted the cars on the trains as they went by. After awhile, he went inside where his father was. “Are you having fun?” asked […] Read More

Arrow and the Turkey Sandwich

Arrow was HUNGRY. He had his lunch about an hour ago but his tummy was grumbling. Arrow seemed to always have a grumbling tummy. Arrow looked around the living room and he saw Mommy was busy drawing a SKETCH. He knew that he had better not bother Mommy while she was busy. He didn’t want […] Read More

Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain

“I am so glad that spring is finally here,” said Mrs. Robin. “Now I can go and gather some worms for my babies.” Mrs. Robin flew down from her nest that she had built at the top of a very tall balsam poplar tree. She could hear her three babies crying. They were hungry. “It […] Read More

Neon Cop’s Snowy Capture

It was a very snowy winter day. The Neon Cop had to go to the police station to file some papers. “Rick,” said Neon Cop’s wife, Suzie. “Do you have to go to work today? It is horrible out today.” “Chief Lewis wants these papers today,” said Neon Cop. “I will be back home as […] Read More

Beatrice Bee and Mrs. Robin

“Oh my!” exclaimed Beatrice Bee, seeing a nest with three baby robins at the top of a very tall balsam poplar tree. “Baby robins! They are so cute and so fluffy.” Beatrice Bee landed on the side of the nest. She didn’t see any parents around so she figured she was safe. “You got any […] Read More

Roasted Cauliflower

It was an extremely hot summer day. The Fresh Veggie family were in the barn practicing. “Cameron,” said Christopher Corn, noticing the amount of sweat on his forehead. “I think you should rest for a bit. You haven’t stopped dancing all morning.” “I was just wanting to get this dance routine perfect,” said Cameron Cauliflower. […] Read More

Rat Boy and Country Mouse

“I think we should go for a walk to the countryside this Sunday,” said Mother. “It is going to be a nice weekend. We can go on a picnic.” “That sounds like fun,” said Rat Boy. “I think Cecilia would enjoy it.” “I think so too,” said Mother. “This hasn’t been much of a summer […] Read More

Christopher Corn and Sweet Corn

“There is a cool breeze in the air,” said Christopher Corn, who just finished practising with Loud Garden. “I think I will take my guitar and sit under a tree by the lake.”   “That sounds peaceful,” said Calvin Carrot.   “I would join you but I want to practise that new routine on the […] Read More

Christopher Corn and Fresh Veggie Salad

“Let’s do the first verse again,” said Christopher Corn. “Calvin, we need more out of those drums. How about a drum solo right after the first verse?” “That sounds perfect to me,” said Calvin Carrot. “Okay,” said Christopher. “Cameron, I want you to continue dancing through the drum solo. While you are dancing, I want […] Read More