Christopher Corn and Fresh Veggie Salad

“Let’s do the first verse again,” said Christopher Corn. “Calvin, we need more out of those drums. How about a drum solo right after the first verse?”

“That sounds perfect to me,” said Calvin Carrot.

“Okay,” said Christopher. “Cameron, I want you to continue dancing through the drum solo. While you are dancing, I want you to interact with Mrs. Tomato and Olive Onion.”

“I can do that,” said Cameron Cauliflower.

“Okay,” said Christopher. “Let’s try it again, with those changes.”

Christopher was very pleased at how Loud Garden performed with the new changes.

“That’s a wrap,” said Christopher. “That is exactly how I want this song performed.”

Farmer Fred came into the barn. He saw the last bit of the practice session.

“Well done,” said Farmer Fred. “Loud Garden is sounding better every time I hear you play.”

“Thank you,” said Christopher.

All of a sudden, Farmer Fred’s stomach started to growl.

“What was that noise?” asked Christopher.

“That was my stomach growling,” said Farmer Fred. “Watching all you fresh vegetables jumping around onstage is making me pretty hungry. A fresh veggie salad sounds good right about now.”

“Should we run and hide?” laughed Christopher.

“I would never eat my favourite fresh veggie family,” said Farmer Fred. “I would never get to listen to Loud Garden.”

“So,” said Christopher, still laughing. “You are only keeping us around for our music.”

“That isn’t the only reason I keep you around,” said Farmer Fred.

“I know,” said Christopher. “But I bet the music helps.”

“I am honoured to be managing you and Loud Garden,” said Farmer Fred. “Loud Garden is going to be the best rock band the world has ever seen.”

“I agree,” said Christopher.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good if vegetables make you hungry.
  • Example: Farmer Fred was watching the Fresh Veggie Family jump around onstage and he was getting hungry.

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