Christopher Corn and Cornbread

“What are you eating?” asked Christopher Corn. “That smells so good.”

“I really don’t think you would want any,” said Farmer Fred.

“But why not?” asked Christopher.

“It is made out of corn,” said Farmer Fred. “It is cornbread.”

“Oh dear,” said Christopher. “I definitely don’t want any. I can’t believe how good corn smells when it is baked.”

“I can tell you that cornbread is one of my favourite baked goods,” said Farmer Fred.

Christopher laughed and picked up his guitar. He started singing a song that just came into his head.

“No corn bread for me,” Christopher sang. “No corn bread ever. Corn, corn, cornbread. How I have been misled.”

“I love it!” laughed Farmer Fred.

“Thank you,” said Christopher. “I like it too. It is quite a catchy tune.”

“That it is,” said Farmer Fred.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not a good idea to feed cornbread to Christopher Corn.
  • Example: Christopher Corn wanted to know what Farmer Fred was eating.
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