Summer Sweetness

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland. It was a beautiful summer day. She came to a dark forested area.

“That forest sure does look dark down there,” said Beatrice.

She saw the reason that it looked so dark. The forest had lots of dark green evergreen trees that were very tall. The evergreen trees were blocking out the sunshine.

“This is actually a very healthy forest,” commented Beatrice. “At first, I was frightened but now, I am not.”

Beatrice flew down onto the floor of the forest. She noticed tall, lush green grass and beautiful brightly coloured wildflowers growing throughout. She also saw an abundant amount of wildlife scurrying throughout the forest.

Off in the distance, Beatrice spotted a raccoon. He looked pre-occupied as he had his head stuck in a beehive.

“That is a good way to get yourself stung,” said Beatrice, landing close to the raccoon.

The raccoon didn’t hear her. She flew around his head. He was so intent on eating his honey that he paid absolutely no attention to Beatrice.

Up ahead, Beatrice saw a swarm of bees heading straight toward the raccoon.

“They must be the bees that own that hive,” said Beatrice. “That raccoon is going to get stung.”

Beatrice could now hear the swarm of bees. The closer they got, the louder they were.

“I have to do something,” said Beatrice. “That raccoon is in trouble.”

Beatrice flew onto the raccoons nose. The raccoon immediately stopped eating the honey. He dropped the hive and he then saw the swarm of bees coming straight for him. The raccoon took off running as fast as he could go and because he had his nose in the honey, it was sticky.

Beatrice realized when it was too late that she was stuck to his nose. Wherever the raccoon went, Beatrice was going with him, whether she liked it or not. Thankfully, the raccoon out ran the swarm of bees. He stopped in a clearing and peered at Beatrice on the end of his nose.

“How come you didn’t try to sting me?” asked the raccoon. “And, why are you still on the end of my nose?”

“My name is Beatrice Bee,” said Beatrice. “I am a friendly bee. I came to Storyland to meet new people and to have an adventure. I am stuck on your nose because the honey you were eating was sticky. I didn’t sting you, nor would I, because I don’t want to sting you.”

“Those other bees sure wanted to sting me,” said the raccoon. “How come? Are you not with them? By the way, my name is Racum Raccoon.”

“It is nice to meet you,” said Beatrice, finally able to free herself from Racum’s nose. “Those other bees did want to sting you. You were eating the honey out of their nest.”

“I guess I shouldn’t have done that,” said Racum. “I couldn’t help it though. Honey tastes so good.”

“Yes,” said Beatrice. “It does. However, it was very dangerous what you did.”

“I realize that now,” said Racum. “So, why did you land on my nose?”

“I was trying to get your attention,” said Beatrice. “I was trying to warn you that the other bees were coming to get you.”

“You probably saved my life,” said Racum. “Thank you very much.”

“You are welcome,” said Beatrice. “So, what is the name of this place? This forest is beautiful.”

“It is beautiful,” agreed Racum. “You are visiting the Big Dark Forest. Welcome.”

“Thank you,” said Beatrice. “This is a very nice place.”

Racum and Beatrice became good friends. Racum invited her to dinner that evening. In return, she promised to show Racum some hives that have been abandoned. Racum was very grateful for that.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t eat honey directly out of a beehive.
  • Example:Racum Raccoon was eating honey out of a beehive and was not paying attention to his surroundings.

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