In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, I am going to write 150 brand new stories for my Summer Story Challenge 2017. We have a beautiful country from coast to coast with beautiful hearts and minds. I want to give back to Canada by what it has given me, life, freedom, choice and dignity. I am proud to be Canadian and I want Canada to be proud of my accomplishments this summer. The Summer Story Challenge will start on the first day of summer, which is June 20, 2017. Details of the challenge are listed below.

  1. I have a brand new group of characters that I will be writing about. They are going to be part of the Fresh Veggie family of characters that I will be creating. The Fresh Veggie Family will consist of Cameron Cauliflower, Christopher Corn, Calvin Carrot, Olive and Oliver Onion and Mrs. Tomato. I will write 50 stories based on the Fresh Veggie family of characters.
  2. I will write 50 stories based on a new character, Beatrice Bee. Beatrice is going to visit many of my already existing characters and do what bees do best, drive everyone crazy.
  3. I will write 50 stories based on my existing Storyland characters.


Beatrice Bee Stories     Fresh Veggie Family Stories    Other Summer Stories
  Name of Story     Name of Story     Name of Story
1. The Story of Beatrice Bee  1.  The Fresh Veggie Family  1.  Grampy’s Little Green Car Loves Summer
2. “B” is for Bee  2.  Christopher Corn  2. Arrow and Cutie’s Summer Adventure
 3. Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Baker  3. Loud Garden is Formed  3. Little Yellow Bird
 4. Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Cat 4. Christopher Corn is Happy with Loud Garden  4. Summer Rainbow
 5. Beatrice Bee Makes Arrow and Cutie Laugh 5. The Cauliflower Dance  5. Rainy Summer Day
 6. Beatrice Bee Lands on Grampy’s Little Green Car 6. Olive and Oliver Onion Cry in the Summer Heat  6. Summer Nap
 7.  Beatrice Bee and the Apple Trees 7. Christopher Corn and Cobs of Corn  7. Summer Socks
 8. Billy Troll’s New Bee Song 8. Christopher Corn and Cream Corn  8. “S” is for Summer
  9. Beatrice Bee Escapes the Butcher Knife 9. Loud Garden’s Summer Concert  9. Polydactyl Cat
 10. Beatrice Bee and the Barrel of Rum 10. Christopher Corn and the Corn Roast  10. Sitting in the Sun
 11. The Colour of Honey 11. Olive Onion Can’t Stop Crying  11. “S” is for Sunshine
 12. Beatrice Bee on the Farm 12. Calvin Carrot and Mashed Carrots  12. Silly Snake’s Summer Fun
 13. Beatrice Bee and Forgetful Fred 13. Christopher Corn Lost His Voice  13. Hot Summer Night
 14. Summer Sweetness 14. Christopher Corn and His Sanity  14. “A” is for Adventure
 15. Beatrice Bee Finds a Cave 15. Mrs. Tomato and her Previous Life  15. Summer Trees
 16. Beatrice Bee and Falling Acorns 16. Christopher Corn and Melted Butter  16. Summer Shade
 17. Beatrice Bee in the Mountains 17. Fresh Veggie Family Summer Feast  17. Sharing Apples
 18. Beatrice Bee in the City 18. Christopher Corn and Popcorn  18.  Magical Fireflies
 19. Beatrice Bee at the Ranch 19. Christopher Corn and the Surprise Concert  19. Summer Thunder
 20. Beatrice Bee Runs Into Travelin’ Rick 20. Christopher Corn and the Corn Maze  20. Summer Friends
 21. Beatrice Bee Interrupts a Picnic 21. Christopher Corn in the Cornfield  21. Sweet Summer Tart
 22. Beatrice Bee Hears Loud Garden 22. Christopher Corn’s Birthday Bash  22. Road Trip
 23. Beatrice Bee is Lucky 23. Christopher Corn and Chard Benning  23. Strawberry Ice Cream
 24. Beatrice Bee in the Desert 24. Christopher Corn and Cornbread  24. Strawberry Summer Dance
 25. Beatrice Bee’s Adventure with Autumn Elf 25. Christopher Corn and Fresh Veggie Salad  25. The Lost Summer
 26. Beatrice Bee Sees Travelin’ Rick Again 26. Vegetable or Fruit  26. Summer Picnic
 27. Summer Safety 27. Sliced Tomato  27. Rat Boy and Country Mouse
 28. Beatrice Bee and Environment Bug 28. Calvin Carrot and Carrot Cake  28. Summer Fruits
 29. Beatrice Bee and Prairie Kid 29. Christopher Corn and Sweet Corn  29. Summer Garden
 30. Beatrice Bee and Chester Chipmunk 30. Christopher Corn and Stir Fry  30. Snake Stew
 31. Beatrice Bee and the Cottage 31. Corn Puffs  31. Strawberry Jam
 32. Beatrice Bee Goes Fishing 32. Boiled Cauliflower and a Boiled Carrot  32. Summer as a Kid
 33. Beatrice Bee and Rat Boy 33. Salad Dressing  33. Total Solar Eclipse 2017
34. Beatrice Bee Meets Lil’ Rebel 34. Tossed Salad 34. Pirate Pete in the Summer Seas
 35. Beatrice Bee and Trickster Bunny 35. Sweet Summer Night  35. Frankie’s Summer Date
 36. Beatrice Bee and Silly Snake 36. Tomato Juice  36. Mrs. Robin’s Busy Summer
 37. Beatrice Bee and Hillbilly Bob 37. Carrot Top  37. Mr. Egghead’s Extra Hot Summer
 38. Beatrice Bee Flies with Little Crow 38. Loud Garden Play for the Sick Children  38. Hot Summer for Sprinkles
 39. Beatrice Bee Meets Baby Face Monster 39. Loud Garden’s Labour Day Concert  39. Forgetful Fred Forgot it was Summer
 40. Beatrice Bee and the Pea Pods 40. Fresh Veggie Smoothie  40. Ugly Sally’s Summer with Uncle Joe
 41. Beatrice Bee Visits Frankie 41. Calvin Carrot has the Best Eyesight  41. Just Girlz Summer Storm
 42. Beatrice Bee and Mrs. Robin 42. Rotten Veggie  42. Scrunchie Monster in the Heat
 43. Beatrice Bee Meets Tiki Bug 43. Christopher Corn has a Meltdown  43. Arrow and Cutie at the Beach
 44. Beatrice Bee on a Subway 44. Roasted Cauliflower  44. It’s Time to Sail
 45. Beatrice Bee and Scrunchie Monster 45. Flavourful Fresh Veggies  45. Mr. Nailhead’s Special Summer Project
 46. Beatrice Bee and Mr. Egghead 46. Fresh Veggies Have a Summer Blast  46. Jayden’s Summer Flowers
 47. “H” is for Honey 47. Eat Your Veggies  47. Lovable Viking’s Summer in Tara
 48. Beatrice Bee and Slow-Poke 48. You Don’t Like Veggies?  48. Slow-Poke’s Summer Swim
 49. Beatrice Bee Meets Batty 49. Fresh Veggies are Happy  49. Troll Family’s Rainy, Summer Day
 50. Beatrice Bee Visits Sprinkles 50. Surprise for Fresh Veggies  50. Lonely Scarecrow’s Summer
  • September 21, 2017 – Wow! I actually finished the Summer Story Challenge 2017 on time!!! There are now 150 brand new summer stories on the Storyland website. I am happy this challenge is over. It was a lot of work but I feel good having completed it. This has been a very rough summer for me personally. I am going through a bunch of health issues. There were times I wanted to quit the challenge but that would have been the easy way out. I am glad I persevered and kept going. I do hope that everyone enjoys my stories.
  • August 21, 2017 – There are now 100 brand new stories posted for the Summer Story Challenge 2017. I am right on target for this challenge. There is one month left of summer and I have 50 summer stories left to write.
  • August 14, 2017 – I now have 90 stories posted for the Summer Story Challenge 2017.
  • August 5, 2017 – I am half way through the Summer Story Challenge 2017. 75 brand new summer stories have been posted. 75 more to go!
  • August 1, 2017 – I now have 70 stories posted for the Summer Story Challenge 2017.
  • July 26, 2017 – I now have 62 stories posted for the Summer Story Challenge 2017.
  • July 22, 2017 – I now have 50 stories posted and I have half of the Fresh Veggie Family stories completed for the Summer Story Challenge 2017.
  • July 18, 2017 – There are 40 stories posted for the Summer Story Challenge 2017.
  • June 28, 2017 – There are now 20 stories posted for the Summer Story Challenge 2017.
  • June 5, 2017 – If you notice the name of the character Christopher Corn and think that it does sound a lot like Chris Cornell, you are 100% correct. I have been working on the Fresh Veggie characters just before Chris’ death and because his death has been so hard on me, I have decided to dedicate one of my characters to Chris.
  • June 2, 2017 – I have started writing and posting stories for the Summer Story Challenge 2017! I hope you enjoy reading the 150 stories I am writing for this challenge!
  • June 2, 2017The Father’s Day Story Challenge 2017 is now complete and the Summer Story Challenge 2017 is supposed to begin on June 20, 2017. However, 18 days for not posting any stories to my website is going to drive me insane so I am going to start the Summer Story Challenge 2017 early. I will start posting brand new summer stories very soon.
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