Mr. Nailhead’s Special Summer Project

Mr. Rodgers took out a case from his safe and was walking toward his truck with it.

“I see you have Mr. Nailhead with you,” said Steven, Mr. Rodger’s employee, recognizing the case Mr. Rodgers held.

“Yes,” said Mr. Rodgers. “I certainly do.”

“So,” said Steven. “Is there an important project that Mr. Nailhead is going to be part of?”

“You could say that,” said Mr. Rodgers. “Why don’t you get in the truck too? I have something I want to show you.”

“Sure,” said Steven, very intrigued.

Steven knew that Mr. Rodgers had something very important up his sleeve. He took Mr. Nailhead out of the safe for just any reason. Mr. Nailhead is a very expensive nail. Mr. Rodgers only uses Mr. Nailhead on special construction jobs.

“So what are we building?” asked Steven as Mr. Rodgers drove down a long, windy road.

“A dock,” said Mr. Rodgers. “But not just any dock. It is going to be my dock.”

“You bought it! “exclaimed Steven. “You bought the cottage you wanted!”

“I sure did,” said Mr. Rodgers. “It’s all mine.”

“That is awesome,” said Steven. “Now there will be lots to do, swimming, fishing and boating.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Rodgers, laughing. “There will definitely be lots to do, building, landscaping and cleaning.”

“I think I like my to do list much better,” said Steven.

“Actually,” said Mr. Rodgers. “So do I.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have a special project to work on.
  • Example: Mr. Rodgers bought a cottage and needs to build a dock.
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