Olive Onion Can’t Stop Crying

“It is a very hot summer day today,” said Christopher Corn. “We should practice our new songs today. We have to be ready for the Labour Day concert Farmer Fred is holding.”

“Yes we do,” said Calvin Carrot. “Since we are the only band playing.”

“This is only our second concert,” said Mrs. Tomato. “And we are the solo act for a huge concert. We must be good.”

“We are good,” said Christopher. “You heard the crowd at our Canada Day concert. They went wild.”

“They sure did,” said Calvin.

“We need to make sure we stay good,” said Christopher. “Now, where is Cameron, Olive and Oliver?”

“I see them walking this way,” said Calvin.

Sure enough, Cameron Cauliflower, Olive Onion and Oliver Onion walked into the barn.

“It is practice time,” said Christopher, picking up his guitar and strumming it. “Everyone take their places.”

“Here is some more new material,” said Oliver, handing Christopher a stack of hand-written pages.

“Thank you Oliver,” said Christopher. “I have some new material as well. We will need all the new material we can get. We have three hours of music we need for this concert.”

Calvin Carnot got behind his set of drums while Mrs. Tomato and Olive got behind their microphones.

Cameron Cauliflower came bounding on stage, trying out his new dance routine.

“Keep up your energy, “said Christopher. “Love it! Your dancing is going to drive the crowd wild.”

Cameron danced and Christopher started singing their opening number. All of a sudden, Olive burst into tears.

“Olive,” said her husband, Oliver, running up onto the stage to console her. “What is wrong? Why are you crying?”

“It is Christopher’s voice,” said Olive. “It is absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you,” said Christopher. “I was thinking you didn’t like my singing and that was why you were crying.”

“Oh dear no,” said Olive. “Quite the opposite. You have the sweetest voice I have ever heard.”

“Well I am sweet corn,” said Christopher.

That made everyone laugh.

“Okay,” said Christopher, strumming his guitar again. “Let’s practice.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to cry.
  • Example: Olive Onion cried when she heard Christopher Corn sing because he had such a sweet voice.
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