Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Cat

It was a rainy summer day in Storyland. Beatrice Bee was enjoying the cool rain water that was hitting her wings, while she was flying around. However, it started raining harder and Beatrice was having a hard time flying.

“There is an open window ahead,” said Beatrice to herself. “I will take shelter there.”

Beatrice flew in through the window. She saw two cats laying on a carpet in the living room. One of the cats spotted her.

“Wake up Angry Cat,” said the one cat that noticed Beatrice. “There is a bee in here.”

“Harriet!” yelled Angry Cat. “Where is the bee and why did you wake me up? Couldn’t you take care of it yourself?”

“You are my big brother,” said Harriet. “I thought you would protect me.”

“I just wanted to get out of the rain,” said Beatrice. “I won’t hurt you.”

“See,” yelled Angry Cat. “You woke me up for nothing.”

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble,” said Beatrice. “It sounds like your brother is angry.”

“Oh don’t worry about him,” said Harriet. “My brother is always angry. That is why he is called Angry Cat.”

“Okay,” said Beatrice. ‘ ‘I’d better be going.”

“It is still raining pretty hard,” said Harriet, looking out the living room window. “You can stay until it stops.”

“Are you sure?” asked Beatrice. “It does make it impossible to fly when it is raining this hard.”

“Please stay,” said Angry Cat, feeling bad for yelling.

Beatrice stayed with Angry Cat and Harriet until the rain stopped. Beatrice had fun with the two cats. She didn’t pose a single threat to them.

“Please come back and visit us again,” said Angry Cat, when Beatrice was leaving.

“I will,” said Beatrice. “You too are my new friends.”

“I’ve never had a bee for a friend before,” said Angry Cat.

“Me either,” said Harriet.

“I’ve never had cats for friends,” said Beatrice.

“Then we are the oddball friends,” said Angry Cat, laughing.

“Yes,” said Beatrice, also laughing. “We are oddball friends.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Oddballs can be good friends.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee becomes good friends with Angry Cat and his sister, Harriet.
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