LiMa Bean Young

“Christopher Corn,” said Calvin Carrot. “It looks to me like we have a new visitor.”

“Not another one,” said Christopher Corn, very disappointed. “Who is it?”

“It looks like Malcolm Young,” said Calvin.

“Not good at all,” said Christopher. “I don’t know what is happening on the planet Earth these days but there are way too many rock and roll artists finding their way here, to the garden. We have had Chard Bennington, Tommy Potato and Gourd. I just don’t understand it.”

“I will let you talk to him,” said Calvin. “I have some work to do anyway.”

“Sounds good,” said Christopher.

Christopher walked over to the garden gate to introduce himself to Malcolm.

“I am sorry to see you,” said Christopher, shaking Malcolm’s hand. “I just want you to feel welcome here.”

“I do appreciate that,” said Malcolm, shaking Christopher’s hand. “So, what is this place? It doesn’t look like heaven. I thought I was going to heaven. I sure hope this isn’t the other place.”

“This isn’t the bad place,” said Christopher.

“Oh good,” said Malcolm. “I was afraid that I was going to burn.”

“You won’t have to worry about that,” said Christopher. “This garden is meant to be an oasis for rock and roll musicians who have left the planet.”

“You mean to say that I can play my guitar up here,” said Malcolm.

“Yes,” said Christopher. “That is exactly what I am saying.”

“Oh,” said Malcolm. “I am so happy.”

“So,” said Christopher. “Why are you here? I thought you would be on Earth playing your music there for awhile yet?”

“I was struggling with dementia,” said Malcolm. “I guess it was just my time to go.”

“Malcolm Young,” said Farmer Fred, coming up to where Christopher and Malcolm were talking. “Welcome to my garden. I have opened up the garden to influential rock and roll musicians who have passed away on Earth. I have a band here ready for you. It is called Air Conditioner, or AC for short. You are now part of the Fresh Veggie Family and you now have a new garden name. You will now be known as LiMa Bean Young.”

“Thank you,” said LiMa. “I am honoured.”

“It is our honour to have you here,” said Farmer Fred. “I have work to do so I do have to go.”

“Thank you,” said LiMa. “Thank you so much!”

“You are welcome,” said Farmer Fred as he walked away.

“Wait a minute!” exclaimed LiMa, taking a good look at Christopher. “You are Chris Cornell, aren’t you? I had heard that you left the planet Earth.”

“Yes,” said Christopher. “It’s me. My garden name is Christopher Corn.”

“I was one of your biggest fans,” said LiMa. “So, who all else is here?”

“Chard Benning (Earth name – Chester Bennington) is here,” said Christopher. “Tommy Potato (Earth name – Tom Petty) and Gourd (Earth name – Gord Downie) is here too.”

“So much talent,” said LiMa. “Are they all still playing music here?”

“Yes,” said Christopher. “They are.”

“So,” said LiMa. “What is the deal with this garden? Why did I turn into a lima bean? Is it like rock and rolls heaven?”

“You could say that,” said Christopher. “This garden is owned by Farmer Fred. I left Earth on May 18. The night I arrived, there was a horrible thunder and lightning storm. I was struck by lightning and the next thing I know I was transformed into a cob of corn. I was the first one to arrive here. I have my own band here, Loud Garden. Chard Benning showed up here on July 20, 2017. Farmer Fred saw the impact this garden had on us, so he opened the garden to rock musicians who pass away on Earth. Farmer Fred was the one that picked out your vegetable name. He usually picks out a name that was the closest to your Earthly name and one that is closest to the name of a vegetable.”

“That is incredible,” said LiMa.

“It sure was generous of Farmer Fred to do this,” said Christopher.

“It  sure was,” said LiMa.

“I have an idea,” said Christopher.” I think we should hold a benefit concert for Farmer Fred to show him our appreciation.”

“That is an awesome idea,” said LiMa.

“Okay,” said Christopher. “I will get to work on the details, while you get settled in.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Music will stay alive.
  • Example: LiMa Bean Young was surprised when he learned he could play his guitar in the garden.
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