Sammy Spider Fears the Cave

Sammy Spider took a walk through Storyland on a cold and shivery autumn morning. He walked so far that he found himself at the northern edge, the edge where the wildest animals roam, the edge where the trees stop growing and the edge where the darkest night meet the brightest stars.

“Oh dear,” said Sammy. “Where did I end up? It is so eerie here. It is scary.”

Sammy saw something up ahead and he felt the need to check it out.

“I found a cave,” said Sammy to himself. “This is very exciting.”

Sammy walked over to the cave entrance and took a look outside. He liked what he saw. It looked very dark and very dusty.

“This might just be it,” said Sammy. “This might just be where I can live for the winter.”

Sammy walked around the cave and all of a sudden, he saw a large dark shadow appear on the wall in front of him. Sammy was scared.

“If I run now,” said Sammy. “Maybe the shadow won’t see me.”

However, it was too late. The shadow knew he was there.

“What is a spider doing in my cave?” Sammy heard the shadow ask.

“I am sorry,” said Sammy. “I am just looking for a place to live this winter.”

Sammy turned and he saw the figure that made the shadow. He couldn’t believe that he was looking at a caveman. He was very frightened now.

“My name is Caveman Jack,” said the caveman. “Maybe you could live here for the winter.”

Sammy didn’t want to find out whether he could live there in the cave with the caveman. He ran out of the cave just as fast as his little eight legs would carry him.

“I don’t think this will work,” said Sammy. “I don’t think I could get over being afraid of you.”

“That is okay,” said Caveman Jack. “I do understand.”

Caveman Jack didn’t want Sammy to know that he was afraid of spiders.


Moral of this Story:

  • Caves can be scary places.
  • Example: Sammy Spider found a cave but he wasn’t expecting to find a caveman in it.
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