Sammy Spider at the Butcher Shop

“Thank goodness it is a little bit warmer outside today,” said Sammy Spider to himself, walking the streets of Storyland. “However, I know that this warm weather isn’t going to last long. I have to find a place to live for the winter.”

Sammy kept walking and soon he was at the front door of a butcher shop. The front door was open so, Sammy walked in.

The butcher shop was very clean. Sammy could smell the aroma of bleach. He saw the owner of the shop wiping down the stainless steel counters.

“You do like to keep the shop clean,” Sammy heard a young woman say, coming from the back of the store
“Aunt Jessica,” said the owner.” It is important to have a sterile environment for cutting and storing meat.”

“Bobby,” said Aunt Jessica.” You know your father and grandfather would be proud.”

“This butcher shop might just be a good place for me to live for the winter,” said himself. “It looks like a very respectable family-owned butcher shop.”

Sammy walked into the back room and it was there that he decided that maybe being in a butcher shop might not be the best place for him after all. Sammy saw several very sharp butcher knives hanging on the wall behind a huge stainless steel table. Sammy also saw a very special butcher knife. It was a butcher knife that glowed. Sammy found this very strange so he ran out of the butcher shop as fast as he could go.

“Not a good place to be after all,” said Sammy to himself, once he was far enough away from the butcher shop. “I will have to find myself another place to stay for the winter.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A butcher shop is not a good place to live.
  • Example: Sammy Spider thought the butcher shop might be a good place to stay during the winter months but that was before he saw the butcher knives.
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