Sammy Spider Fears the Cave

Sammy Spider took a walk through Storyland on a cold and shivery autumn morning. He walked so far that he found himself at the northern edge, the edge where the wildest animals roam, the edge where the trees stop growing and the edge where the darkest night meet the brightest stars. “Oh dear,” said Sammy. […] Read More

Ugly Sally has a Happy Halloween

“It is Halloween night,” said Father. “How come you aren’t going trick-or-treating?” “I am getting too old for trick-or-treating,” said Ugly Sally. “Think of all the candy you are going to miss out on,” said Father. “I think my teeth and the dentist won’t mind,” said Ugly Sally. “But what about all the candy you […] Read More

Scrunchie and the Haunted House

“Scrunchie dear,” said Aunt Mabel. “I am going next door.” Scrunchie became immediately concerned about his 87 year old aunt going next door. “Are you sure you want to do that?” asked Scrunchie. “It is Halloween and I have heard that house is haunted.” “I’ll be back shortly,” said Aunt Mabel, grabbing her jacket and […] Read More

Mr. Rubberman and Batty

Mr. Rubberman was walking through the woods. It was about a week before Halloween. Up in the distance he saw a cave. He had never seen a cave before. He was very intrigued and curious so he went to check it out. It was dark inside the cave so Mr. Rubberman didn’t venture too far […] Read More

Summer Thunder

Poor Mountain Father was working in the barn on a very hot summer day. All of a sudden he felt a cool breeze.   “That breeze felt so good,” said Poor Mountain Father, who was dripping in sweat. “This summer has been the hottest summer in a long time.”   Poor Mountain Father stopped what […] Read More

Christopher Corn Lost His Voice

It had been a cold and rainy morning. Christopher Corn was in the barn practicing his singing. He noticed over the next few hours that his voice was very hoarse. He had a lot of songs to sing so he ignored his voice issues and kept singing. Pretty soon, he had no voice at all. […] Read More

Little Crow

Always protect you … Out in the wide open fields in the prairies, live a lot of pretty mean and nasty crows. These crows are big and black and they are pretty scary looking. There is one crow that isn’t mean and nasty. He is also very little in size compared to the rest of the […] Read More

Monsters and More Monsters

I live on a street on a dark alley in a cold and desolate city. It was a rainy and stormy night. The thunder was loud and the lightning lit up the sky. “Let’s go outside,” said my friend, Pete. “But it is storming out,” I said. Pete didn’t care. He went outside. I didn’t […] Read More

Shawna the Sea Monster

“What a beautiful day!” exclaimed Shawna, the sea monster, while swimming in the deep, cold ocean waters. “Are you serious?” Shawna’s Mother asked. “What is so nice about a cold, dreary day?” “Mother,” said Shawna, seriously. “Every day for us is cold and dreary. We live in the deep, cold ocean waters. We don’t see […] Read More


Francis John Albert, or better known as Frankie, is a very cold, ruthless monster that lives on the streets of Cabbagetown in Toronto, Ontario. Frankie might look very scary with his green greyish face and long stringy hair but the truth is, he really isn’t all that scary at all. Frankie turned into a monster […] Read More