Shawna the Sea Monster

“What a beautiful day!” exclaimed Shawna, the sea monster, while swimming in the deep, cold ocean waters.

“Are you serious?” Shawna’s Mother asked. “What is so nice about a cold, dreary day?”

“Mother,” said Shawna, seriously. “Every day for us is cold and dreary. We live in the deep, cold ocean waters. We don’t see the sunlight at all.”

“I guess you are right,” said Mother, thinking about Shawna had just said to her. “Shawna, how come you always see the good side of things?”

“It is better to look on the good side,” said Shawna. “Thinking about dreary things can make a creature go stir crazy.”

Mother was very proud of Shawna. It had just occurred to Mother that her daughter was growing up and becoming a mature sea monster.

Shawna swam around the ocean floor with her Mother for part of the morning but then she disappeared into the deeper waters. Shawna wanted to do some exploring.

“Oh my!” Shawna heard a small school of fish ahead of her. “It is that mean sea monster! She is coming straight for us!”

The small school of fish swam away from Shawna as quickly as they could.

“Wait up!” exclaimed Shawna. “Why are you afraid of me?”

“We aren’t,” said Tony, the leader of the school of fish.

“It sure seems like you are,” said Shawna. “I’m not the big scary sea monster everyone thinks I am.”

“You aren’t?” asked Tony.

“No,” said Shawna. “I’m not. Don’t you think that if I was the big scary sea monster that you think I was, that I would have tried to eat you by now.”

“Hmmm,” said Tony, thinking about what Shawna had just said. “I guess you are right. You haven’t even tried once to eat us. Does that mean that we can be friends?”

“I don’t see why not,” said Shawna.

“Are you sure you won’t eat us?” asked Tony, still just a bit skeptical.

“I’m sure,” said Shawna. “Can I tell you a little secret?”

“Sure,” said Tony.

“I don’t even eat fish at all,” said Shawna.

“You don’t!” exclaimed Tony, relieved.

“No,” said Shawna. “I eat sea weed.”

“I see,” said Tony, happily. “I am glad to hear that.”

Tony and Shawna spent most of that afternoon swimming around the deep waters together. Tony was very happy that Shawna was his friend. He liked Shawna a lot. He found out that she was a very kind and compassionate sea monster.

“How come they call you a sea monster?” asked Tony. “You are not at all scary.”

“I think it is because I look different than any other creature in this ocean,” said Shawna.

“They shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover,” said Tony.

“No,” said Shawna. “They definitely shouldn’t.”

Every fish in the ocean started to realize that Shawna was not the mean and cruel sea monster that everyone thought she was. Tony and Shawna became the best of friends and slowly the other fish became friends with Shawna as well.


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