Autumn Elf is Happy it is Finally Autumn

Autumn Elf woke up very early on the first day of autumn. He was smiling and dancing. He was in a very good mood. He was in a good mood because it is finally autumn.

Autumn Elf walked by the mirror in the hallway and he took a good look at his reflection.

“I am so handsome,” said Autumn Elf to himself.

Autumn Elf was a real live autumn leaf. He could walk and talk just like a normal person but his head and body was an orange coloured autumn leaf.

“You are in a good mood today,” said Autumn Elf’s younger sister, Stella.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” asked Autumn Elf. “It is the first day of Autumn, afterall. You know that autumn is my favourite season.”

“Yes,” said Stella. ‘”How could I forget? You are mean and miserable the rest of the year.”

“I am going to go outside and play in the leaves,” said Autumn Elf, ignoring Stella’s comment. “Are you coming?”

“That is going to be a little bit difficult,” said Stella.

“Why?” asked Autumn Elf, with a confused look on his face.

“The leaves haven’t fallen off the trees yet,” laughed Stella.

“Are you serious?” asked Autumn Elf. “But it is autumn.”

“Yes,” said Stella. “But it is only the first day of autumn. You will have to wait until a very windy day for the leaves to fall.”

“I suppose you are right,” said Autumn Elf.

“At least they have started to change colour,” said Stella.

“It does look pretty outside,” said Autumn Elf.

“It certainly does,” said Stella.


Moral of this Story:

  • Try to be happy all year long.
  • Example: Autumn Elf is only happy during the autumn season. He is mean and miserable the rest of the year.

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