Lonely Scarecrow’s Summer

“This summer has been a scorcher,” said Lonely Scarecrow, while he sat on the fence post. “We have had almost no rain for the past two months.”

Lonely Scarecrow lives on Joshua and Penny’s farm. He doesn’t mind living there. He figures he actually has a pretty good life. He has a scarecrow partner, Hazel, and a scarecrow baby. He is actually a very happy scarecrow.

“Another hot day,” said Hazel. “I don’t see any relief in sight.”

“No,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “I don’t either.”

“At least we are close to the sprinkler,” said Lonely Scarecrow.

“Yes,” said Hazel.” We are very lucky that we can at least get wet a few times during the day.”

“I know,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “That cold water sure does feel good.”

“Oh,” said Hazel. “It certainly does.”

“With the heat this summer,” said Lonely Scarecrow.” We haven’t had problems with bugs.”

“You are right,” said Hazel.” I remember times last year that our faces were covered in bugs.”

“Oh,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “Me too!”

“I remember we almost swam away last summer,” said Hazel.

“I do too,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “It rained almost every day.”

“The only thing we really have to worry about this summer,” said Hazel. “Are the forest fires. It seems the air is quite thick with smoke.”

“Yes,” said Lonely Scarecrow.” The smoke has been really bad. We must hope for wind to blow the smoke away.”

“Well,” said Hazel. “We better be careful what we hope for. The wind could also cause more problems than its worth, by making the fires spread.”

“Yes,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “That is very true. What about wishing for rain?”

“Rain would be great,” said Hazel. “However, with rain comes lightning.”

“True,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “So, what we wish for is for it to be windy but not that windy and we need to wish for rain but not enough rain for it to cause lightning.”

“Correct,” said Hazel.

“That is a pretty tall order,” said Lonely Scarecrow.

“Yes,” said Hazel. “It is but wishes are known to come true.”


Moral of this Story:

  • You have to be careful what you wish for.
  • Example: Hazel wishes for wind but not too much wind and rain but not too much rain.
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