Lucky, Lucky Shammy Rock

“Today is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Shammy Rock. “Yes it is,” said Andrew. “I think we are going to have a lucky, lucky St. Patrick’s Day,” said Shammy Rock. “That would be nice,” said Andrew. “Maybe we will find some leprechauns,” said Shammy Rock. “Leprechauns!” exclaimed Andrew. “I don’t believe in leprechauns.” “You don’t!” cried […] Read More

Unlucky Uncle Ungus

“Why did I ever agree to work on the railroad?” Unlucky Uncle Ungus thought to himself as he poured over his old photo albums. “I should have worked harder to become a banker. I would have made a good banker despite what that one bank manager told me.” When Unlucky Uncle Ungus was born, it […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun Finds the Missing Gold

“Grand Old Leprechaun,” said Lucky Leprechaun, when he saw the upset look on his friends face. “What is wrong?” “The St. Patrick’s Day pots of gold are missing,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I am so upset. I must find them.” “When did you last see them?” asked Lucky. “This morning,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun and Fool’s Gold

“I am so happy today,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “It is St. Patrick’s Day and I feel lucky as well.” Lucky Leprechaun looked at himself in the mirror and made sure he was well-groomed. He made sure his hat was placed perfectly on his head. He made sure his teeth were gleaming and his hair was […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun and the Lucky Carrot

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lucky Leprechaun’s friend, Hoppy Bunny. “What is so happy about it?” asked Lucky. “I don’t feel lucky today.” “Why not?” asked Hoppy Bunny. “You are a leprechaun. You should feel very lucky today.” “I just don’t feel it today,” said Lucky. “Nothing has been lucky for me.” “Here,” said Hoppy, […] Read More

Angry Leprechaun and his Lucky Shamrock

“Where is it?” yelled Angry Leprechaun, angrily. “Stop yelling,” said Mother. “What are you looking for?” “My lucky shamrock,” said Angry Leprechaun. “I can’t find it anywhere.” “It has to be here in your room,” said Mother. “Believe me,” yelled Angry Leprechaun again. “It isn’t here. I have searched every inch of my room and […] Read More

Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest

Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest … “I need to make more ice,” said Mr. Iceman. “I need to make more ice sculptures.” “I heard there is an ice sculpture contest,” said Warren, Mr. Iceman’s neighbour. “That sounds like fun,” said Mr. Iceman. “I would like to enter.” “I thought you might,” said Warren. […] Read More