Lucky, Lucky Shammy Rock

“Today is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Shammy Rock.

“Yes it is,” said Andrew.

“I think we are going to have a lucky, lucky St. Patrick’s Day,” said Shammy Rock.

“That would be nice,” said Andrew.

“Maybe we will find some leprechauns,” said Shammy Rock.

“Leprechauns!” exclaimed Andrew. “I don’t believe in leprechauns.”

“You don’t!” cried Shammy Rock. “Why not?”

“Leprechauns are a myth,” said Andrew.

“But what about me?” asked Shammy Rock. “Wouldn’t some people say I am a myth?”

“You are different,” said Andrew. “You aren’t a myth. You are real. I should know, I was with you the night the bright light from that meteorite caused you to come to life.”

“So,” said Shammy Rock. “If a plant in the ground can come to life, then why can’t leprechauns exist?”

“When you say it like that,” said Andrew. “I guess leprechauns can exist.”

“Speaking of leprechauns,” said Shammy Rock, pointing to a little man dressed in green, standing on top of a boulder.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Andrew. “A real life leprechaun!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to believe in leprechauns.
  • Example: Andrew said he didn’t believe in leprechauns but then Shammy Rock reminded him of how he was created.

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