Angry Leprechaun and his Lucky Shamrock

“Where is it?” yelled Angry Leprechaun, angrily.

“Stop yelling,” said Mother. “What are you looking for?”

“My lucky shamrock,” said Angry Leprechaun. “I can’t find it anywhere.”

“It has to be here in your room,” said Mother.

“Believe me,” yelled Angry Leprechaun again. “It isn’t here. I have searched every inch of my room and it isn’t here. I need it. I can’t get through today without it. Imagine, a leprechaun without his lucky shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day. It would just not be right.”

Mother helped Angry Leprechaun search for his lucky shamrock but they were not having any luck and Angry Leprechaun was getting angrier and angrier by the minute.

“What am I going to do?” screamed Angry Leprechaun.

“You are going to sit on your bed until you stop being so angry,” said Mother. “Once you have calmed down, then we will look for your lucky shamrock.”

Angry Leprechaun plopped down on his bed and when he did, his pillow went flying off and landed on the floor. Laying on the bed where his pillow was, Angry Leprechaun saw his lucky shamrock.

“Oh my!” cried Angry Leprechaun. “I totally forgot I put it under my pillow.”

Mother shook her head and walked out of the bedroom.

“I am so sorry for getting so angry,” said Angry Leprechaun.

“I forgive you,” said Mother from his bedroom doorway. “I am just glad you found it.”

“Me too!” cried Angry Leprechaun.


Moral of this Story:

  • Anger does not help the situation.
  • Example: Angry Leprechaun was very angry because he misplaced his lucky shamrock.
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