Bobby the Butcher and a Date on Valentine’s Day

“Why are you putting the closed sign on the butcher shop?” asked Bobby the Butcher’s Mother. “It is only 4 pm.”

“Well,” said Bobby the Butcher. “I have a date.”

“And it is Valentine’s Day too,” said Mother, very excited for him. “Who is the lucky girl? Where are you taking her?”

“It is Trisha,” said Bobby. “I am taking her to the new steakhouse at the edge of town.”

“That is wonderful,” said Mother. “I have heard the food is spectacular.”

“It should be,” said Bobby, smiling. “We supply their meat.”

Mother watched as Bobby went into the backroom and put a clean shirt on. She saw him struggling with his tie.

“You look very handsome,” said Mother, helping him with his tie.

“Thank you,” said Bobby.

“Do you have a bouquet of flowers to give to her?” asked Mother. “Women love flowers on Valentine’s Day.”

“I don’t,” said Bobby. “I would think the flower shops will be way too busy right now.”

“Take these,” said Mother, handing a bouquet of flowers still wrapped up to Bobby.

“You bought flowers for yourself?” asked Bobby.

“I bought them to brighten up my office,” said Mother. “We got so busy this afternoon. I never had the time to set them out.”

Bobby took the flowers and gave Mother a kiss on her cheek.

“Have fun!” Mother waved as Bobby left to pick up Trisha.

Mother was very happy that Bobby was taking time to enjoy himself. He had been working very hard being successful at running the family butcher shop.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to take time to enjoy yourself.
  • Example: Bobby the Butcher went on a date on Valentine’s Day.
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