“V” is for Valentine’s Day

“I must visit my friend, Victor,” thought Alphabet Allie to herself. “‘V’ is for visit.”

Alphabet Allie knocked on Victor’s door.

“Welcome to my villa,” said Victor, smiling. “‘V’ is for villa.”

“I brought you a valuable gift,” said Alphabet Allie. “It is a violin. ‘V’ is for valuable and also for violin.”

“I vow to be victorious in learning to play it,” said Victor. “‘V’ is for vow and also for victorious.”

“How about you play it, “said Alphabet Allie. “I will sing the vocals. ‘V’ is for vocals.”

“I will play a Valentine’s Day song,” said Victor. “‘V’ is for Valentine.”

Victor played the violin while Alphabet Allie sang the vocals.

“You have a vibrant voice,” said Victor. “‘V’ is for vibrant and voice.”

“Thank you,” said Alphabet Allie.” Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to learn a musical instrument.
  • Example: Victor vowed to learn the violin Alphabet Allie brought him.
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