The Angry Cat

Once upon a Halloween Eve, there sat a furry cat. This furry cat was angry at the world but when asked how come it was angry, it couldn’t give you a straight answer because it was just angry at everything.

“Angry Cat,” said his friend, Harold Hawk. “It is Halloween. We should go trick or treating.”

“No,” said Angry Cat. “I am too angry to do anything.”

“Are you angry at me?” asked Harold.

“No,” said Angry Cat. “I don’t think so.”

“But you aren’t sure?” asked Harold, trying to get to the root of Angry Cat’s anger issue.

“I’m pretty sure I am not angry at you,” said Angry Cat.

“When you think about how angry you are,” said Harold. “What exactly do you think of?”

“Let me think,” said Angry Cat.

Angry Cat sat and thought for quite some time. He thought about how his breakfast was cold this morning and how it tasted like mush. He thought about how it was raining outside and he felt miserable. He thought about how his younger sister walked by him and snubbed her nose at him. The more he thought about these things, the angrier he seemed to get.

“Well,” said Angry Cat. “There were quite a few things that made me angry just this morning.”

“Like what?” asked Harold.

“Well,” said Angry Cat. “First thing was my breakfast was cold and it tasted like mush.”

“I see,” said Harold. “And how come your breakfast was cold?”

“Mother called me for breakfast but it took me awhile to get out of bed because I was so tired,” said Angry Cat.

“Okay,” said Harold, hoping he was finally getting somewhere with Angry Cat’s anger. “If you did get out of bed right when your Mother called you, do you think your breakfast would have been cold and mushy?”

“Hmmm,” said Angry Cat, thinking about what Harold had just asked him. “Probably not.”

“What else made you angry this morning?” asked Harold.

“The rain made me angry,” said Angry Cat.

“Well,” said Harold. “Is it raining right now?”

“No,” said Angry Cat, taking a look around him at the clear moonlit sky. “It stopped raining hours ago.”

“Then you shouldn’t still be angry about the rain,” said Harold.

Angry Cat thought about what Harold had just said. He knew Harold was right. The rain had stopped long ago so he really had no reason to be angry about the rain that happened that morning.

“You are right,” said Angry Cat. “I shouldn’t be angry at the rain anymore.”

“What else made you angry?” asked Harold.

“My sister walked by me and snubbed her nose at me,” said Angry Cat.

“Did you do anything to upset her?” asked Harold.

“I might have,” said Angry Cat. “I might have pushed her out of the way when I went to eat my breakfast this morning.”

“Well,” said Harold. “Do you blame her for snubbing her nose at you?”

“No,” said Angry Cat. “I suppose I shouldn’t be angry at her any longer because I shouldn’t have pushed her out of the way.”

“Now,” said Harold. “Is there anything else that made you angry today?”

“I don’t think so,” said Angry Cat, all of a sudden not feeling so angry at everything any longer. “I am not angry at anything right now.”

“Good,” said Harold, very proud of himself for helping Angry Cat with his anger problem.

“I think I would like to go trick-or-treating with you,” said Angry Cat.

“That sounds like fun,” said Harold. “Let’s go!”

The two friends went trick-or-treating and they ended up with a lot of candy that they shared with their other friends. Angry Cat felt really good to be able to let go of the anger he was holding in.

“Thank you,” said Angry Cat to his friend, Harold. “You helped me to get rid of all that anger I was holding in.”

“You are welcome,” said Harold. “I am glad I could help.”

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