Falling Autumn Leaves

“Look at all the falling autumn leaves,” said Mama Acorn, looking out the window of her kitchen. “They sure are falling quickly.” “It happens to be the first day of autumn,” said Papa Acorn, taking a look at the calendar that hung on the kitchen wall beside the refrigerator. “Oh my!” exclaimed Mama. “Where has […] Read More

Happy Heart and Angry Cat

“Why do I not have any food in my bowl?” yelled Angry Cat. “You know I like to eat when I wake up from my nap.” Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet, grabbed the food bowl and was on the way to the kitchen. She was going to fill the food bowl but then she saw someone […] Read More

Angry Cat Has A Merry Christmas

“Do you think you are going to get anything for Christmas?” asked Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet. “Of course I will,” said Angry Cat. “Why wouldn’t I?” “Have you done anything good this year?” asked Harriet. “Yes,” said Angry Cat. “I have.” “Like what?” asked Harriet. “Well,” said Angry Cat. “I did…” “Come on,” said Harriet. […] Read More

Sammy Spider and Angry Cat

The autumn nights were getting very cold. Sammy Spider was starting to worry because he hadn’t found a place to live for the winter and he could feel it in his bones that winter wasn’t too far away. “I’ve got to find a place to live soon,” said Sammy Spider to himself as he walked […] Read More

Angry Cat is Thankful for a Full Food Bowl

Thankful for a Full Food Bowl … “Something smells so good,” said Angry Cat, coming into the kitchen. “Is that turkey?” “Of course it is turkey,” said Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet. “It is Thanksgiving.” “Oh,” said Angry Cat. “I love Thanksgiving!” “You just like all the food we get to eat,” said Harriet, laughing. “I […] Read More

Summer Nap

Angry Cat was having a summer nap on a very hot day. It was nice and cool where he was laying. He was laying on the cool tiles on the kitchen floor. There was also a cool breeze` coming in through the screen door. He was quite comfortable and content. That was until his sister […] Read More

Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Cat

It was a rainy summer day in Storyland. Beatrice Bee was enjoying the cool rain water that was hitting her wings, while she was flying around. However, it started raining harder and Beatrice was having a hard time flying. “There is an open window ahead,” said Beatrice to herself. “I will take shelter there.” Beatrice […] Read More

Meet Angry Cat

Welcome to the Meet Angry Cat page. Angry Cat is a character I created in May, 2016. The reason I created him is because I had made a drawing of a cat that had an angry face. Angry Cat lives in Calgary, Alberta with his mother and his sister, Harriet. Angry Cat is the type […] Read More

Angry Cat’s Sunny Spring Day

“Why does it have to rain all the time?” asked Angry Cat angrily. “It is spring but it has been a very rainy spring so far.” “I don’t know why you are so angry,” said Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet. “You know we have no control over the weather and because we have no control over […] Read More

Angry Cat Hides a Leprechaun

“Angry Cat,” said Harriet, Angry Cat’s sister. “It is St. Patrick’s Day today.” “What is the big deal about St. Patrick’s Day?” asked Angry Cat, angrily. “Well,” said Harriet. “We like leprechauns and we do like gold.” “I suppose you are right about us liking leprechauns,” said Angry Cat. “And, yes, we certainly do like […] Read More

Angry Cat’s Valentine’s Day

“Is this the flower shop?” Angry Cat asked, when a young girl answered the phone. “Yes,” said the girl. “My name is Penny. How can I help you?” “I would like to order two dozen roses please,” said Angry Cat. Penny took Angry Cat’s information and promised to have the roses delivered within an hour. […] Read More