An Angry New Year

“It is so nice to be at the New Years Building,” said Angry Cat. “At least here, my sister, Harriet won’t keep telling me I am fat and need to lose weight.”

“It is nice you are here,” said Hop Out. “I am sorry to hear that you are angry with your sister. How can we resolve this issue so you can hop out of 2019 and hop into 2020?”

“Perhaps your sister is concerned that if you don’t be careful, your weight gain could affect your health,” said Hop In.

Angry Cat thought about what Hop In had just said.

“That had to be why Harriet would say something to me about my weight,” said Angry Cat. “Harriet isn’t mean. She loves me and it would be just like her to worry about me.”

“So,” said Hop Out. “It does seem like we got to the root of the issue with you and your sister. I think you are ready to hop out of 2019 but, how can you fix the issue so you can hop in to 2020?”

“I suppose I could start to eat right and exercise more,” said Angry Cat.

“That works,” said Hop In.

“I agree,” said Hop Out.

“Great,” said Angry Cat. “So, I have the issue resolved and now I understand Harriet was just concerned with my health so, I am ready to hop out of 2019. I do know that I need to lose weight so I will eat better and exercise more in 2020. I am ready to hop in to 2020.”

Angry Cat, Hop Out and Hop In did a little dance to celebrate. Angry Cat felt good about himself.

“Happy New Year!” the three friends shouted.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to reflect on what happened during the year.
  • Example: Angry Cat realized his sister was looking out for his health and well-being.

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