Hop Out of 2018 and Hop In to 2019

“Have you picked your “hop out” characters?” asked Hop In. “Yes,” said Hop Out. “I just finalized my list. What about you?” “My list was done last week,” said Hop In. “So you have three characters?” asked Hop Out. “Yes,” said Hop In. “Half of six is three.” “Good,” said Hop Out. “I do as […] Read More

New Years Resolution

“Fawn,” said Spot. “I’m going to make a New Years Resolution.” “Really,” said Fawn. “Me too!” “What is your resolution?” asked Spot. “I want to be kinder and I want to help people this year,” said Fawn. “That is what I want to do too,” said Spot. “After watching what is happening to people all […] Read More

New Years Eve

“Let’s have a New Years Eve party,” said Fawn. “Sure,” said Spot. “That sounds like fun.” “I’ve already asked Ricky and Jenny if they can come,” said Fawn. “Can they?” asked Spot. “Ricky and Jenny said they come as long as their dad can drive them down,” said Fawn. “Oh I hope that Ricky and […] Read More