Hop Out of 2018 and Hop In to 2019

“Have you picked your “hop out” characters?” asked Hop In.

“Yes,” said Hop Out. “I just finalized my list. What about you?”

“My list was done last week,” said Hop In.

“So you have three characters?” asked Hop Out.

“Yes,” said Hop In. “Half of six is three.”

“Good,” said Hop Out. “I do as well. I checked and the six rooms in the New Year’s Building are all ready for our six guests.”

“Good,” said Hop In. “The guests should start arriving any day now.”

“I don’t know about you,” said Hop Out. “But I am very proud of what we accomplished.”

“I am too,” said Hop In. “I think we have proved that we can work well together.”

“As do I,” said Hop Out.

Hop Out and Hop In are two twin frog brothers that purchased a run-down apartment building in Kelowna, BC. They renovated the building and they have turned it into the New Year’s Building.

Each New Year’s Eve they are going to choose six Storyland characters. They are going to invite the six characters to their New Year’s Building. They are going to offer counselling services to these characters and help them hop out from the old year and hop in to the new year smoothly and with the least amount of stress.


Moral of this Story:

  • We can work together if we try.
  • Example: Hop Out and Hop In were proud of the work they had done on the New Year’s Building and they proved to themselves they could work together.

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