Apartment 2 – 2019 Resolution for Mr. Egghead

“Welcome to the New Year’s Building,” said Hop Out when he saw Mr. Egghead enter the front door.

“It is our pleasure to have you here,” said Hop In. “Let’s get you registered and we can have our counselling session with you at the same time.”

“That sounds wonderful,” said Mr. Egghead. “I am very excited to be here.”

“As you know,” said Hop Out. “My twin brother and I are here to help you hop out of 2018 and hop in to 2019 smoothly.”

“Yes I am aware of that,” said Mr. Egghead.

“Good,” said Hop Out. “In regards to hopping out of 2018, do you have any lingering issues that would prevent you from hopping out smoothly?”

“Well,” said Mr. Egghead. “I would have to say that I would have liked to have been productive in 2018. I spent most of 2018 just staring at the walls of the laboratory.”

“Forgive me,” said Hop Out. “I must state the obvious. You are a hard-boiled egg. Other than turning you into an egg salad sandwich how can a hard-boiled egg be productive.”

“You are forgetting the fact that I am a hard-boiled egg with a brain,” said Mr. Egghead.

“Yes,” said Hop Out. “That is very true.”

“So,” said Hop In. “Would you say your resolution for 2019 is to be productive?”

“Absolutely,” said Mr. Egghead.

“How do you see yourself being productive?” asked Hop In. “What are your skills?”

“I think being curious is my biggest skill,” said Mr. Egghead.

“Okay,” said Hop In. “What are you curious about? How is your curiosity going to help you be productive in 2019?”

“I do live in a laboratory,” said Mr. Egghead. “I am curious about what goes on there? I am curious about some of the experiments that Professor Edelamn works on. I am curious about the results of the experiments. I am curious about why some experiments fail and others succeed.”

“That is very interesting,” said Hop In. “And you do have the advantage of living in the laboratory.”

“Exactly,” said Mr. Egghead.

“I would suggest taking a course online in chemistry,” said Hop In. “That way you could start with some experiments that are safe to do and eventually you could work your way up to more complex experiments.”

“That is a great idea,” said Mr. Egghead.

“So,” said Hop Out. “I do believe you are ready to hop out of 2018 smoothly.”

“And, I believe you are ready to hop into 2019 smoothly,” said Hop In.

“Thank you,” said Mr. Egghead. “Happy New Year!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be productive.
  • Example: Mr. Egghead sat around the laboratory for most of 2018. He didn’t want to do this again in 2019. He wanted to be productive.

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