Mr. Egghead Ruins an Experiment

“Let’s get right to work,” said Professor Edelamn, walking into the laboratory. “What is going on?” asked Mr. Egghead, jumping up onto the table. “I am going to be working on a new EXPERI­MENT,” announced Professor Edelamn. “Oh,” said Mr. Egghead, having a bad feeling in the pit of his egg yolk. “The university is […] Read More

Beatrice Bee and Mr. Egghead

Beatrice Bee and Mr. Egghead… Beatrice Bee flew around Storyland on a very windy summer day. She was flying around the university and saw an open window. She wanted to get out of the wind so she decided to enter the open window. “Oh,” said Beatrice, looking around the room. “This looks like a laboratory. […] Read More

Mr. Egghead and Green Ham

“That experiment you are doing smells like ham,” said Mr. Egghead, rolling his way over to the edge of the table where Professor Edelamn was walking. “It smells so good. You know how good eggs are ham taste.” “Yes,” said Professor Edelamn, laughing. “I do know how good eggs and ham taste.” “What are you […] Read More

Mr. Egghead and the Christmas Breakfast

“We have a very important funding meeting at the Breakfast Club Restaurant this morning,” said Professor Edelamn to Mr. Egghead, who was a hard-boiled egg that he had brought to life. “You better be on your best behaviour.” “I thought it was a Christmas breakfast that we were going to,” said Mr. Egghead, very disappointed. […] Read More