Mr. Egghead and the Christmas Breakfast

“We have a very important funding meeting at the Breakfast Club Restaurant this morning,” said Professor Edelamn to Mr. Egghead, who was a hard-boiled egg that he had brought to life. “You better be on your best behaviour.”

“I thought it was a Christmas breakfast that we were going to,” said Mr. Egghead, very disappointed. “That was what Professor Lindley told me.”

“You are getting much too technical,” said Professor Edelamn. “Christmas dinner, funding meeting. They are all the same to me.”

“Well not to me,” said Mr. Egghead. “I wanted to meet Santa Claus and I wanted my very first Christmas gift.”

“It is a Christmas breakfast,” said Professor Edelamn. “However, we have also invited several of our key investors.”

“I see,” said Mr. Egghead. “So, the university is mixing business with pleasure.”

“Precisely,” said Professor Edelamn.

The Breakfast Club Restaurant was packed. Professor Edelamn saw Professor Lindley, his colleague and Dean Richards, the dean of the university and went over to talk to him.

“Professor Edelamn,” said Dean Richards, shaking Professor Edelamn’s hand. “I am so glad you are here. Our biggest investor just arrived. I can’t wait to show him what you have accomplished with that hard-boiled egg.”

“Yes,” said Professor Lindley. “That is quite the accomplishment.”

“Yes it is,” said Professor Edelamn. “I am excited too. It should be a very interesting meeting. Nobody has ever laid eyes on a talking hard-boiled egg before.”

“True,” said Dean Richards. “Very true.”

“I am going to find our table,” said Professor Edelamn, setting Mr. Egghead down on a table at the very back with his briefcase. Don’t move. I will be right back.”

Professor Edelamn found the head waiter and was talking to him. A junior waiter came along and saw Mr. Egghead sitting on the table.

“This is strange,” said the waiter. “The food hasn’t been served yet. Let me take you over to the platter with all the other hard-boiled eggs.”

The junior waiter picked up Mr. Egghead and took him into the kitchen and set him on a platter with the other hard-boiled eggs.

“Oh dear,” said Professor Edelamn to himself, coming back to the table to pickup Mr. Egghead and his briefcase. I told Mr. Egghead to stay put.”

Professor Edelamn frantically searched for Mr. Egghead but with all the people coming into the dining room, he found it impossible.

Just then, Professor Edelamn saw a waiter carrying a tray full of hard-boiled eggs and he saw a woman take one from him and bite into it.

“STOP!” screamed Professor Edelamn at the top of his lungs. “My science experiment might be on that tray.”

The whole restaurant went quiet. Professor Edelamn saw a microphone sitting on the main table. He grabbed it and turned it on.

“May I have your attention!” Professor Edelamn shouted. “I have created a hard-boiled egg that talks but the problem is, I set him down on the table at the back and he has now disappeared.”

The woman who was eating the hard-boiled egg spat it out and sat down on her chair. Her face went pure white.

“What do you mean he disappeared?” asked Dean Richards, fuming. “Do you realize that you have caused the university great embarrassment here?”

“I want every tray of hard-boiled eggs brought up here to me immediately,” said Professor Edelamn, ignoring what Dean Richards had just said.

“There is no need,” said the junior waiter that had taken Mr. Egghead off the table. “He is right here on my tray.”

“Thank goodness,” said Professor Edelamn.

The junior waiter brought his tray up to Professor Edelamn and there was Mr. Egghead, sitting right in the middle of all the hard-boiled eggs.

“Do you know that I haven’t seen Santa Claus yet?” said Mr. Egghead, oblivious to the drama that was going on around him.

“What a wonderful way to get the investors attention!” exclaimed a man, sitting in the front row in a very classy business suit. “That was a genius presentation.”

“Thank you,” said Professor Edelamn, wiping the sweat off his brow that had formed out of his nervousness. “And you are?”

“I am Mr. Markle,” said the man. “I want to discuss some further investing with you.”

Professor Edelamn suddenly recognized Mr. Markle. He had already invested millions of dollars into the university’s research department.

“Brilliant presentation,” said Dean Richards, patting Professor Edelamn on the back.

Professor Edelamn only wished it was a planned presentation because that would have been brilliant. However, he was grateful that Dean Richards and Mr. Markle thought it was. He was also very relieved that Mr. Egghead didn’t end up being someone else’s breakfast.

“Oh look!” exclaimed Mr. Egghead. “There’s Santa Claus. I want to go see him.”

Mr. Egghead was about to roll himself out of Professor Edelamn’s hand. Professor Edelamn stopped him.

“I will take you to see Santa Claus,” said Professor Edelamn. “I am not letting you out of my sight.”

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