City Kid’s Christmas in the City

“It is almost Christmas,” said City Kid. “I love Christmas in the city. It seems the whole city turns colourful and people open up their hearts and their wallets to those less fortunate.”

“Yes,” said Steve, City Kid’s neighbour. “The city does seem to come alive during the Christmas season.”

“This year I want to get a nice big Christmas tree,” said City Kid.

“That would be nice,” said Steve. “It would have to be better than the one you had last year. That tree was pathetic.”

“Yours wasn’t much better,” laughed City Kid. “Mine will be much better this year. You won’t be able to make fun of it.”

“We will see,” said Steve.

City Kid went around to all the boxed stores that were close to his home. He saw a few that he liked but they were artificial trees. Some of them looked almost real but he did want to get a real one this year.

City Kid hopped on his bike and he rode out to a farm that was nearby. It was a beautiful day outside and City Kid was enjoying the fresh air.

“I love the smell of the pine trees here,” said City Kid.

City Kid parked his bike along a wooden fence and walked around the different trees that were being sold. It was hard for him to choose just one because there were so many to choose from.

“This is a lot harder than I thought,” said City Kid trying to decide which tree to get.

“Sir,” said the owner of the farm. “Have you decided which tree you want yet? We are closing soon.”

“No,” said City Kid. “I haven’t.”

“Well I suggest you hurry or you will have to come back tomorrow,” said the owner.

City Kid just thought of something that he didn’t think of before. He had his bike with him. How was he going to carry a tree home on his bike?

“I will have to come back,” said City Kid. “I forgot that I just have my bike with me. I can’t very well carry a tree home on my bike.”

“No,” said the owner. “That would not work out so well.”

City Kid rode his bike home. He saw that the boxed stores were still open. He decided he would buy an artificial tree instead. At least, he wasn’t that far from home so he could set the tree across his handle bars.

After buying the artificial tree, he saw a bird’s nest up in a tree on his front lawn. The branch that the nest was on wasn’t very sturdy so that birds wouldn’t be able to use that nest the next year because he would have to cut down that branch this spring. He reached up and grabbed the bird’s nest.

City Kid took the tree and the bird’s nest inside and he started decorating the tree. He set the bird’s nest in a spot on the tree that looked like it was meant to be there. City Kid stood back and look at the tree once he had finished decorating it. It looked like a real Christmas tree, especially with the bird’s nest in it.

“Now that is a tree,” said Steve, when he came over to see City Kid’s Christmas tree. “Oh and look at the bird’s nest. That is the best tree I have ever seen.”

“Thank you Steve,” said City Kid, trying not to laugh.

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