Mountain Kid and Christmas Snow

It was a warm day in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Mountain Kid was looking at the calendar that hung on his wall in the kitchen of his log cabin.

“I don’t believe it,” said Mountain Kid to himself. “Christmas is less than a week away and yet there isn’t a single drop of snow to be had.”

Mountain Kid wanted it to snow for Christmas. There is nothing like snow in the mountains, especially at Christmas time. Christmas snow is special. Christmas snow is magical. Christmas snow brings good luck.

“Come on Christmas snow,” said Mountain Kid to himself each time he looked at the big mountain behind his log cabin or when he looked up into the clear blue sky. “It has to snow for Christmas. It just has to.”

Mountain Kid drove to the mall in the city of Kamloops the day before Christmas. He saw Santa Claus. He was in the food court taking his lunch break.

“Hi Santa,” said Mountain Kid as he passed by the food court.

“Hello Mountain Kid,” said Santa. “Come meet me and I will give you your Christmas gifts now. You know how difficult it is to reach your place.”

“It isn’t all that difficult this year,” said Mountain Kid. “There is now snow in the mountains yet.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Santa. “That is no good. How can we have Christmas with no snow?”

“I would trade all my Christmas gifts if we could have some Christmas snow,” said Mountain Kid.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” said Santa, with a twinkle in his eye and a rub of his belly. “I think you will have your Christmas snow before the day is out. You just have to have faith and believe in Christmas.”

“Oh,” said Mountain Kid. “I do believe in Christmas.”

“Well then,” said Santa. “You will have your Christmas snow before midnight tonight.”

Sure enough, Mountain Kid got his Christmas wish. His Christmas snow was all around him. Christmas morning, Mountain Kid also noticed that Santa made it to the cabin. He had tons of Christmas gifts to open. Mountain Kid had the best Christmas ever.

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