Prairie Kid and a Warm Christmas

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Prairie Kid about a week before Christmas. “It sure is cold on the prairies this year. At least we have lots of snow this year.”

“Alberta is a funny province when it comes to weather,” said Prairie Kid’s neighbour, Joe. “It changes so drastically from year to year.”

“It certainly does,” said Prairie Kid. “Last year we hardly had any cold weather and hardly any snow.”

“Things are much different this winter,” said Joe.

“Yes it is,” said Prairie Kid. “It is so cold and there is so much snow.”

“Yes,” said Joe. “My feet are freezing and my hand are numb from the cold.”

Over the next two days, it turned much colder and they got a ton more snow.

“This is getting a little much,” said Prairie Kid, warming his hands by the fire. “This is way too cold. I think I should go south for Christmas this year and have a warm Christmas.”

“Count me in too,” said Joe. “I think a nice warm Christmas is just what we need.”

Prairie Kid thought long and hard about going south for Christmas. He didn’t really have the money to do this but he thought he owed it to himself.

“Sure,” said Prairie Kid. “I could always snuggle up in a warm blanket and build a nice warm fire in the fireplace but it would be fun to sit on a warm beach and soak up some warm sunshine. I think I have decided that I am going to book a flight to southern California first thing in the morning.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Joe.

Prairie Kid and Joe took a week off and went to southern California. They had hot, hot days, warm nights and lots of cool refreshing swims in the Pacific Ocean. They had the best Christmas ever.

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