Fishing Kid’s Christmas on the Fishing Boat

Fishing Kid was standing on the deck of his boat at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. It was brutally cold and it looked like it was going to storm.

“I should never have ventured out in this weather,” he said. “We could end up being stuck out here for the Christmas holidays.”

“Oh,” said Harry, Fishing Kid’s crew foreman. “I hope not. We spend enough time on this boat all year round. I don’t want to spend Christmas out here.”

“True,” said Fishing Kid. “However, we may not have much of a choice. That ice is getting thicker. “We may not be able to get out of it.”

Fishing Kid realized about an hour later that they were indeed stuck. He didn’t know how to tell Harry and the rest of the crew that they wouldn’t be home for Christmas. He felt very bad about disappointing his crew. They were going to have to have Christmas on the boat.

“What is wrong?” asked Harry, seeing the look on Fishing Kid’s face.

“I don’t think we are going to be home for Christmas,” said Fishing Kid. “We are stuck in the ice.”

“Are you serious?” asked Harry, looking over the edge of the boat and seeing for himself that they were indeed stuck.

“We can try to break up the ice with ice picks,” said Fishing Kid.

“We don’t have anything better to do,” said Harry, grabbing an ice pick and getting the crew together to help.

Fishing Kid, Harry and the rest of the crew tried their hardest to chip away at the ice in the front of the boat. However, it was useless. They were getting nowhere.

“Well crew,” said Fishing Kid. “We tried but we aren’t getting anywhere. We are going to be spending Christmas on the boat. I am sorry. I know you all wanted to be home for Christmas.”

“You know,” said Thomas, the youngest crew member. “We can’t blame anyone but ourselves for this. Fishing Kid did give us a choice of whether we wanted to do this trip. I remember him asking every one of us if we wanted to go. We all knew there was a chance we wouldn’t make it home for Christmas.”

“Thank you Thomas,” said Fishing Kid, impressed by what he had just said. “I appreciate your words very much.”

Fishing Kid told his crew to get ready for Christmas on the boat. They had plenty of food, lots of music and Fishing Kid had a gift for each one of his crew members.

“Merry Christmas,” said Fishing Kid.

“Merry Christmas to you,” shouted the crew.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” they heard from above the boat. “Merry Christmas!”

“It’s Santa!” exclaimed Harry.

We are stuck in the ice,” shouted Fishing Kid.

“I will alert the coast guard,” said Santa.

“Thank you,” said Fishing Kid.

The coast guard arrived a few hours later and all the men made it home just in time to enjoy Christmas dinner with their families.

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