Rancher Girl’s Rich Christmas

“Mother,” said ten year old Amie, just getting home from visiting with her neighbour. “What are you doing with all this food that you are preparing? It is just me and you for Christmas dinner. That is a lot of food you have there.”

Rancher Girl had several turkeys, a few hams, a big bowl of gravy and several homemade pies sitting on the large dining room table.

“I have opened our home to the homeless people,” said Rancher Girl.

“That is such an unselfish act,” said Amie. “Mother, I am really proud of you.”

“Thank you,” said Rancher Girl, giving Amie a kiss. “I wanted the homeless people to feel that they are having a rich Christmas.”

“I definitely think you have accomplished that,” said Amie.

Rancher Girl and Amie both served a warm Christmas dinner to all the homeless people who showed up at their ranch. Rancher Girl presented each person with a small gift bag filled with personal items. The bags contained toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.

“That was so kind of you,” said Phillip, one of the homeless men. “You have made such an effort to provide us each with a warm Christmas dinner, dessert and a small gift. Even though I am homeless, I feel so rich right now.”

“I am very happy you feel that way,” said Rancher Girl. “That is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish.”

“You have succeeded,” said Phillip. “Thank you so much.”

Rancher Girl felt so good about helping the homeless people. She was very happy and felt very rich herself. She felt rich in the love and respect that Amie and the homeless people felt for her.

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