Caveman Jack’s Christmas Dinner

“It is almost Christmas,” said Caveman Jack, counting up all the tick marks that he had put on the wall of the cave since last Christmas. “I love Christmas!”

“I think you just like the turkey dinner,” laughed Mother, sweeping up the floor of the cave.

“Yes,” said Caveman Jack. “I sure do.”

“Maybe you will leave some for me this time,” said Father. “Last time, I think all I got was a drumstick.”

“Don’t worry,” said Mother. “You have to remember that last Christmas was the very first Christmas ever. This year I am going to make a lot more to eat than just turkey.”

“That sounds good to me,” said Father.

“Me too,” said Caveman Jack.

“I will need your help though,” said Mother. “I will need you two to find me some potatoes, turnip, onions and some cranberries.”

“I think we can handle that,” said Father.

“Remember that we just can’t walk into a store and buy this stuff,” laughed Mother. “We have to forage for it.”

“True,” said Father. “It will be nice when stores are invented.”

“They will be,” said Caveman Jack. “We just have to give it a few hundred years.”

“Let’s not rush it,” said Mother. “Once stores are invented then we are going to need cash and to get cash we are going to have to work 40 hours or more per week.”

“Thank goodness cash won’t be invented for many years yet,” said Father.

“Yes,” said Mother. “I know I have enough to do during the days now, looking after you two.”

Father and Caveman Jack decided they better go foraging for the items Mother needed for their Christmas dinner.

Caveman Jack saw a rabbit out in a clearing, eating a carrot. He went quietly over to where the rabbit was and he found all of the vegetables that Mother needed.

Father stumbled across a bog filled with cranberries. He filled his pockets with them.

Christmas Day came and the Caveman Family had the best Christmas dinner. They were so full afterwards that they needed to have a nap.

“I am glad Christmas is once a year,” said Father. “I couldn’t eat a meal like that every single day.”

“I could,” said Caveman Jack.

Mother and Father both laughed. They knew that Caveman Jack could eat that much every single day. In fact, they knew that he could eat that much at least three times per day.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good Christmas dinner is once a year.
  • Example: Caveman Jack was so full after eating Christmas dinner . He was glad Christmas dinner was only once a year.

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