Christmas Colours

“I love Christmas colours,” said Colour Kid.

Colour Kid was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at the mall. The mall was decorated with bright red, green, blue and yellow strings of Christmas lights. They hung from the ceiling. Colour Kid saw gold and silver tinsel draped down from the ceiling.

“The mall has really outdone themselves this year with Christmas colours,” said Colour Kid. “It is so colourful.”

Colour Kid noticed that even the bags and parcels that people were carrying with them were colourful. Some were a shiny gold colour and some were silver. Some people were carrying long tubes of colourful Christmas wrapping paper.

“I love the colours of Christmas so much,” said Colour Kid.

Colour Kid walked by the middle of the mall. There was a huge Christmas tree decorated with beautifully coloured Christmas lights, silver tinsel and colourful Christmas decorations.

“Absolutely beautiful,” said Colour Kid.

Colour Kid went home and decorated his Christmas tree, putting as much colour on it as he could.

“Colour is so important,” said Colour Kid. “It can brighten up any room.”

Colour Kid stood back and admired his beautiful colourful Christmas tree.

“I wish all my colourful friends a very colourful Christmas,” said Colour Kid.

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