Lovable Viking’s Spring Breakfast

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Lovable Vikings wife, Vivian, coming into Lovable Viking’s bedroom and opening up the curtains. “If you get up, I will cook you breakfast?”

“Breakfast sounds good,” said Lovable Viking. “What will you cook me?”

“How about bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes and onions?” asked Vivian.

“That sounds really good,” said Lovable Viking. “But I have had a craving for some of that sausage I brought back the last time I raided England.”

“Sausage for breakfast,” said Vivian, wrinkling up her nose. “It doesn’t sound very appetizing. Are you sure?”

“Yes,” said Lovable Viking. “The more I think of it, the better it sounds.”

“Okay,” said Vivian. “Sausage it is.”

Vivian wasn’t sure how Lovable Viking was going to be able to stomach eating sausage for breakfast but she cooked some for him.

“It actually smells pretty good,” said Vivian.” Maybe it won’t taste all that bad after all.”

Vivian threw in an extra link for herself.

“That smells incredible,” said Lovable Viking, coming out of the bedroom.

“I hope you are going to try some too,” said Lovable Viking, giving Vivian a hug.

“I actually just threw an extra link for myself into the frying pan,” said Vivian. “It does smell delicious.”

Lovable Viking and Vivian were enjoying their breakfast.

“This is good,” said Vivian. “I never would have thought it would be so good.”

Lovable Viking’s crewmates showed up.

“Sausage for breakfast,” said Benjamin, looking at Lovable Viking and Vivian’s plates. “I have never heard of that.”

“Me either,” said Franklin. “Did we get that on our raid to England last time?”

“Yes you did,” said Vivian. “Would you like to try some? It is actually really good.”

“Sure,” said Benjamin.

“Why not,” said Franklin.

Vivian cooked some more sausage and Benjamin and Franklin loved it.

“I think we are going on another raid,” said Lovable Viking.” We need to get some more sausage.”

“I agree,” said Vivian. “I think we have come up with a new breakfast food.”

“Our favourite new breakfast food,” said Lovable Viking. “It makes spring even better.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to try new foods for breakfasts.
  • Example: Vivian didn’t like the idea of sausage for breakfast until she tried it.

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