Runner Rabbit’s Spring Walk

“It is very warm,” said Runner Rabbit.

“Yes,” agreed his friend, Rita Rabbit. “It is very warm, today. Especially for a spring day.”

“There is a shaded laneway past the fence up ahead,” said Runner. “Let s go for a walk up there.”

“That is a good idea,” said Rita.

Runner and Rita walked toward the shaded laneway. Rita noticed a no trespassing sign posted to an oak tree.

“Runner,” said Rita. “We can’t walk down this laneway. This is private property. There is a no trespassing sign on that tree.”

“That is an old sign,” said Runner Rabbit. “I think it would be okay.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea,” said Rita.

“Suit yourself,” said Runner. “I am going for a walk where it is cooler.”

Runner walked up the laneway. It was nice and cool in the shade.

“What are you two doing on my property?” asked a man, angrily. “Didn’t you see the no trespassing sign?”

“I warned him,” said Rita, pointing to Runner. “He wouldn’t listen.”

”Pesky rabbits,” said the man. “I think I should call the police and have you two charged with trespassing.”

Runner heard the threat and ran away from the laneway as quickly as he could. He left Rita standing all by herself to deal with the angry man.

“Please sir,” begged Rita, seeing that Runner had left her. “My friend has left and I promise we won’t come back again.”

“You have ten seconds to get out of here,” said the man.

Rita ran as fast as she could go. She didn’t stop running until she got home. Runner was sitting on her front porch when she got there.

“How much trouble are we in?” asked Runner.

“He let me go because I promised we wouldn’t go back there,” said Rita.

“Okay,” said Runner.

“Thank you for running away and letting me deal with the situation,” said Rita.

“You know I always run away to avoid conflict,” said Runner. “I am sorry.”

Runner started rubbing his eyes.

“What is wrong with your eyes?” asked Rita.

‘”They are itchy,” said Runner.

Rita took a look at Runner’s eyes. They were red and puffy.

“It looks like you have a case of poison ivy to deal with,” said Rita. “You probably got it from the laneway.”

“I guess I should have listened to you,” said Runner.

“Yes,” said Rita. “You should have!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always pay attention to “No Trespassing” signs.
  • Example: Rita Rabbit didn’t want Runner Rabbit to walk up a laneway because there was a “No Trespassing” sign.
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