Pirate Pete is Thankful for his Ship

“Come on men!” yelled Pirate Pete. “You are cleaning the deck like a bunch of young boys. Get the lead out and let’s see some elbow grease.”

“Yes sir!” said Slappy, applying as much pressure as he could muster.

“We will get this ship in tip-top shape,” said Rusty.

“Good to hear,” said Pirate Pete. “I knew I could count on the both of you.”

Slappy and Rusty have been employed by Pirate Pete since he first purchased his ship, almost 20 years ago. They were the two least qualified but ended up being the two most loyal. They didn’t consider Pirate Pete to be just an employee. He meant much more to them than that. He was more of a father figure to them.

After all the hard work that Slappy and Rusty put into cleaning the ship, Pirate Pete stood on the deck and smiled.

“I am so thankful for my ship,” said Pirate Pete. “Without it, I never would have found the two best crewmates I could ever have. Now, today is Thanksgiving so, lets all go below and eat up the turkey I had the cook prepare for us.”

“I think I know right where there is a bottle of rum,” said Slappy.

“Perfect,” said Pirate Pete, still smiling. “This will be the best Thanksgiving yet. Happy Thanksgiving!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Loyalty means a lot.
  • Example: Slappy and Rusty worked hard to get Pirate Pete’s pirate ship in tip-top shape.

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